Christian concert rocks fair

Other Staff

Jumping teens and screaming fanatics filled the Paul-Paul Theater at the Big Fresno Fair. Trumpeting Ska music, performed by the Supertones and up-beat pop music, by Stacie Orrico, were the Christian headliners on Oct. 9.

“The concert was really cool,” Matt Rodriguez, ’05, said. “I went with my church and a bunch of my friends, so it was even more fun. I got to see an awesome band with awesome people.”

Before the Supertones began their set, Orrico opened for them. While performing some songs from her first CD, Genuine, such as “Don’t Look at Me,” and “Without Love”, she also played songs such as “Bounce Back” and “Strong Enough” from her upcoming, as yet unnamed, sophomore album.

“Orrico isn’t my favorite artist,” Derrick Lehmen, ’04, said. “The Supertones put on the best show, and Stacie Orrico was just boring. Her music is too girly.”

As the Supertones took stage, the crowd began bouncing around, shrieking and standing up on the bleachers to get a better look at the band. The Supertones got the crowd pumped with their first song, “Superfly”. Superfly was from their new album, Hi-Fi Revival, which premiers in stores Oct. 22. They also played favorites such as “Supertones Strike Back.”

Plans are in the works for the Supertones to include part of the live worship on the new record, at least one or two songs, according to The final result should include 13 or 14 regular Supertones songs, and two worship songs.

“Orrico was too alternative/pop for my likings,” Molly Carlin, ’06, said. ” But the Supertones were awesome! The only bad thing about the concert was that the security guards stopped us from moshing. Then, of course, after I left, they allowed it.”

The Supertones use a strong horn section in their music with hard driving beats that are sure to get even the new listeners up and dancing.

For more information on the O.C. Supertones, visit their official website at, and for more information on Stacie Orrico, visit her site at