Remove Iraqi leader

Other Staff

Dear editor:

I do agree with Michael Ward’s September opinion entitled “Iraqi leader poses grave danger, and do think Saddam Hussein should be taken out as soon as possible.

As far as the weapons of mass destruction, I think it is hard to believe that someone like Saddam could be sitting on a pile of uranium. If anything, he had to have stolen it from the Russians, not to mention ballistic technology if they ever want it to move.

I believe that the main goal of these people is to install terror in anyone who is willing to submit to fear.

Keeping this in mind, the easiest way to create fear is with a device called a “dirty bomb”. The chief components having a nuclear nature are commonly found in hospitals. These materials are shoved in the center of an exploding exterior. Its capability is limited to approximately ten deaths and contamination of four blocks.

The terror installed in people, however, would have no bounds.

All this to say, Saddam does pose a threat to the well-being of humanity and must be removed at all costs.” “” “” “” “” “