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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Sugar Shack offers substandard desserts

In celebration of the weekend’s arrival, I decided to sweeten up my Friday by sampling a sugary snack. After receiving word about a small shop named Sugar Shack, my interest peaked with an appeal to my sweet tooth.

Sugar Shack opened their doors to the public in September, 2010. Siblings Janelle McKenney and Kim McCurry, who own the restaurant, aim to reach success with Sugar Shack in its first year of business, and then open a bakery.

Entering Sugar Shack, I was amazed with its resemblance to Willy Wonka’s factory in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

With cupcakes on display and yogurt machines lined up on the wall next to a seemingly endless supply of toppings, the overwhelming sight kindled my desire for a treat.

Sugar Shack offers over 50 different cupcake flavors and 12 kinds of frozen yogurt. For one gourmet cupcake, the price is $2.75, but I suggest ordering two mini cupcakes for $.95. For $45, Sugar Shack offers gourmet cakes.

The cupcakes crowded the shelves and displays, and I could hardly decide which to choose. I finally managed to narrow my options to red velvet and chocolate peanut butter cup, so I bought both, happy to know that I was in for a treat.

As I indulged into the first bite of the fresh red velvet cupcake, I tasted silky smooth butter cream frosting mixing with moist cherry chocolate bread. The cupcake was not of ordinary size and color, but much larger than usual with a light brown shade. It was simple and not too rich, yet delightful.

The peanut butter chocolate cupcake was the largest cupcake on display. Since peanut butter and chocolate are two of my favorite sweets, I was excited to taste it.

Unfortunately, the cupcake’s impressive size did not match its taste — I was dissatisfied with my first bite.

The butter cream frosting was not as sweet or soft as that of the red velvet’s, and the spongy-looking bread was hard. The texture and leftover taste gave me a sudden craving for milk. I was expecting to taste a soft, silky texture but instead it felt like stale bread with day-old frosting.

Hoping to improve my experience at Sugar Shack, I decided to try the frozen yogurt, but was soon frustrated. The yogurt lacked authenticity, tasting like store-bought yogurt instead of gourmet, as advertised.

My father filled a cup with cheesecake, pistachio and strawberry yogurt flavors topped with nuts, fruit and sugar-free candy. Despite the wide range of elaborate components, the yogurt did not spark his interest.

Sugar Shack didn’t really impress me, but I may decide to try it again in the future. Although the shop’s presentation was phenomenal, the sweets were their downfall. Despite this, I will still give Sugar Shack another try because of their reputation of providing the best cupcakes in town.

Sugar Shack is located on 9525 N. Sommerville #104. The shop can be reached at 559.434.1422.

For more food reviews, read the April 7 article, Huckleberry’s serves decent breakfast, lunch fare.

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