Band wins Visalia competition

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The drums roar and the symbols crash. Over 20 band members play music to encourage crowd support at football home games. The campus band, seated in the stadium seats, pumps up the FC crowd at a Clark Intermediate with instruments ranging from blasting trumpets to fluttering flutes.

“Band rocks,” Jessica Earls, ’06, said. “People may call us ?geeks,’ but we love it and we have a great time. Everyone in the class is different, but we accept each other.”

Band consists of two classes, jazz band and marching band. About halfway through the year, marching band morphs into the concert band. Some students are in one of the classes, some take both.

“At first I was in band because my parents wanted me to be,” Matt Rodriguez, ’05, said. “Then I realized that being involved in school activities is an awesome experience.”

Paul McEntee leads the campus band that began marching in competition in late September. In Visalia, the band competed against 15 other marching bands and placed first overall. Earlier on Sept 28, they placed second in the Caruthers competition.

“The Caruthers Competition is smaller than other ones, with only 13 bands,” David Pohl, ’03, drum major, said. “But it is a good parade to start off marching season.”

Melodie McColm, ’05, placed first as majorette in both competitions, and Pohl as drum major placed second in Visalia and in Caruthers.

“As majorette, more commonly known as the baton twirler, I had the privilege of take first place.” McColm said. “Many people think that it isn’t hard, and takes no talent, but it does. It takes skill, balance, and lots of practice.”

Many of the classmates were inspired by others to get into band. Grandparents, parents, and celebrities are a few of their role models.

“My Grandpa inspired me to play the Trombone,” Philip Ochletree, ’04, said. “I love music; it’s fun to play, and the people are great.”

All the instruments work together in playing masterpieces chosen by McEntee. Band gives students an opportunity to share their passion for music with others.

“I expect great things from each one of my students,” McEntee said. “Practices have been constructive and beneficial to all. A lot of work has been done to make this year a successful one.”

For more information on band, students can contact McEntee at 297-9464, ext. 131. Upcoming festivals include the Selma Parade on Oct. 26, and the Pismo Beach Parade on Nov. 9.