Volleyball wins W.S.L. title, Buchanan Tourney next

Other Staff

The girls’ volleyball team has once again won a West Sierra League title despite their unexpected loss against Tranquility on Oct. 1. It has been four years since the campus team had lost a West Sierra League match, but they were able to make a quick recovery and have not lost a game since.

Seniors Tiffany Kaiser and Carli Albrechtson certainly were disappointed by their earlier lost, but decided not to let another match slip their grasp of a potential victory. The team has since won five consecutive league matches, most recently defeating Riverdale, 3-0 on Oct.22 and clinched the W.S.L title with a 3-0 victory over Tranquility on Oct. 24.

“I was very disappointed and frustrated with the earlier loss,” Albrechtson, ’03, said. “The school has not lost a match in years, but our team came back with the attitude of ?just watch what we do next time’.”

The group looks to Albrechtson in times of despair and loss, and she encourages and she reassures the girls with her attitude and on-court presence.

“Her (Albrechtson) work ethic and leadership is contagious,” coach Larry Orender said. “She keeps us raising the bar.”

Kaiser, who plays outside hitter, has been on the court for five years. Although she plays primarily to keep in shape for softball, she has developed a unique friendship with the other girls.

“Next year, I’ll definitely miss the incredible closeness of us all,” Kaiser said. “We’re all like best friends.”

Both seniors agree that the loss strengthened the team, but also say the team should be prepared for anything.

“We need to always come mentally ready,” Kaiser said. “When we believe, our team can accomplish anything.”

Albrechtson is now determined to win every match and go to the playoffs with a solid record.

“I think the loss was a good thing,” Albrechtson said, “because it lit a new fire under our team and motivated us to push harder.”

Coach Orender felt let down, but is confident about the team’s quick recovery.

“This year’s team is gritty, tough, and determined to succeed,” Orender said, “Our team chemistry is unbelievable, and it is our strongest weapon.”

With only two league matches left, the girls are preparing for the California Champions Invitational at Buchanan High School on Oct. 25-26. The girls open against Clovis East at 1 p.m. The W.S.L. playoffs begin Nov. 7.