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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Outside company revolutionizes FC lunch service

Have you ever wondered what schools serve your kids at lunch? It’s mostly prepackaged food made in a factory that contains a lot of preservatives. At least, according to the Food and Drug Administration, which states that children and teenagers are served hot and cold lunches that contain no or little nutrition for their developing body.

Before Revolution Foods presented their lunch solution to the campus administration in September, a lunch truck that provided hot and cold meals for ten years was deemed unhealthy for the student body. In 2008, Jean’s lunch truck services were stopped due to a lack of a healthy menu for students.

After transitioning to outside vendors such as Pickup Stix, Pita Pit and Subway for service, the administration agreed to allow Revolution Foods to have a trial period at the school during the month of October.

Revolution Foods offers nutritious and delicious meals for students and an educational program for those who want to know more about healthy living and eating.

This food company is very different from other companies that cater to schools — like Sysco Foods — which distribute frozen, pre-made food to schools. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Revolution Foods serves hot, homestyle meals every day that taste good.

All of Revolution Foods’ lunches are fresh and prepared daily, brought straight from the oven and served to students. Each lunch will include a hot or cold meal with the side of fresh fruit and vegetables, a healthy carbohydrate and a lean protein plus a drink for only $5. Additionally, twice a week, every student will have the option of choosing from three types of salad: chefs salad, spanish salad or chicken salad.

For parents who are unsure about this companies product, the following may help change their minds. Partners like Berkeley Farms, Whole Foods Market, Rudis Organic Bakery and other small companies help make the food taste great, keeping it healthy while providing local foodstuffs and opinions.

Furthermore, Revolution Foods allowed the leadership students to try their different food options for free a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a basic rundown of what we got:

The first and best combination that caught my attention was an order of Alfredo pasta with beans and sweet potatoes. This meal was a hot meal that was very filling and extra cheesy, the way most Italian food is prepared. The pasta was super crispy, which added to the wonderful taste.

Although I was very skeptical about the bizarre mix of beans and sweet potato, I quickly changed my mind. The beans were very tasty because they had a sweet zing to them, similar to Bush’s Baked Beans. However, the sweet potato was lacking, as I thought it tasted rather bland. But, because we were only given two small pieces, it did not make a big difference in my plate.

Revolution Foods also served the leadership class a cold meal, which consisted of a choice of a turkey wrap or a deli sandwich that came with a side of pita chips, an apple, an orange or a nectarine and either milk or water.

The turkey wrap was amazing because of the spicy peanut sauce that came on the side, a condiment that was smooth and rich with a nice peanut taste. Of all the peanut sauces I have eaten with wraps, I thought this one was one of the most uniquely-made, something that bolstered both my opinion and the taste of the wrap.

Another sandwich option was tuna which, surprisingly, I liked. Revolution Foods changed my perspective on a tuna sandwich which, prior to the taste test, was negative. While the turkey sub was normal, comparable to a sub bought at a local meat market, the tuna sub was exceptional. I liked it because I could taste the tuna, but it was not overwhelming, as the other components of the sandwich, like chopped lettuce, tomato and cheese, added to the mix.

When I learned of the plan to have a food company cater my school, I was very against it at first. Now, a few weeks later, I have completely changed my mind because Revolution Foods has changed the whole meaning of school lunch.

I applaud Revolution Foods because of their high standards for nutrition — the food has no growth hormones, no fructose corn syrup, artificial fats, artificial flavors or sweeteners.

All schools, whether private or public, should consider Revolution Foods as their provider for breakfast and lunch. Revolution Food meals are healthy, tasty, homestyle and affordable for all students. Obviously, Revolution Foods takes pride in their menu.

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  • A

    Austin RurikJan 7, 2012 at 12:02 am

    I really enjoy this class because of all the computers we have out all the time doing research for events. A large variety of computers make this class like a museum for Mac product computer. it’s funny.

  • H

    Hannah AvilaJan 7, 2012 at 12:02 am

    This is an awesome picture!

  • H

    Hannah JosephJan 7, 2012 at 12:02 am

    This photo = fantastic.

  • A

    Annalise RosikJan 7, 2012 at 12:02 am

    I really miss leadership! I’m very sad and slightly upset that it couldn’t fit into my schedule for the year. But, I’d have to say, that dude in the red is probably not doing work on that laptop. 🙂