Band visits, rocks campus

Other Staff

Students flooded into chapel on Oct. 31 to the sounds of Carpenter’s Tools, a Christian rock band. As the noise level steadily climbed, certain more intense students rose from their seats and cheered in anticipation.

The six-member group, made up of three women and three men, played for 45 minutes and sang 5 songs.

“It was awesome!” John Stephens, team leader, said. “We had a great time playing for such a responsive audience. It’s very encouraging when everyone gets into the message from the heart of God.”

The Midwestern band also performed a skit about the crucifixion. Two group members portrayed the two criminals that were present at the crucifixion and showed how their lives were changed because of it.

Many students enjoyed the performance and the strong Christian message Carpenter’s Tools delivered.

“I really enjoyed the variety of the music they performed,” Jenny Ficklin, 04, said. “I think they have an awesome outreach and a very inspiring message!”

This is the fourth time Carpenter’s Tools has preformed on campus.

“They gave our students a look at what it might be like to travel and do outreach,” Scott Falk, campus pastor, said. “They have performed in the past and this group was among the best.”

For more information about Carpenter Tools, visit their website online at