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Psych Season 6

The season premiere begins with Shawn slipping into a formal black-tie event?that is being held in British Ambassador Richard Fanshawe’s home?for the purpose of retrieving an eleven year old boy?s collectible Darth Vader action figure from his friend?s room. While communicating with Gus (who is waiting in a car parked outside of the fancy abode) via walkie-talkie, Shawn is about to sneak back out of the house but he hears two men speaking in hushed tones as they ascend the stairway. Shawn darts into a bedroom and hides under the bed, however he is very shocked to discover that he is not alone down there, for the dead body of a female wearing a lovely dress is lying beside him.

In his hurry to escape the crime scene, Shawn attracts the attention of the men by noisily clambering out the second story window and leaping off of the roof. He manages to run to Gus?s car and they drive off before the men catch up with them.

Back at the station, Shawn ?divines? the presence of the girl?s body and convinces Detectives Lassiter and O?Hara to accompany him to the ambassador?s home, only to find that the spot under the bed is now void of anything other than dust. After some acute observations on Shawn?s part, the body is discovered in the outdoor pool.

The victim is Annabeth York, an employee of the ambassador whose position on the technical staff was of little importance. She is significant for an entirely different reason, for she was responsible for locating a witness that cleared Colin Hennessey, a British exchange student, of the charge of strangling his girlfriend, Sarah Peele. The party Shawn sneakily crashed was in celebration of Colin?s freedom and to say goodbye to Fanshawe who will shortly be flying back to New York.

Meanwhile, Lassiter and Juliet?s partnership encounters troubled waters when Lassie suspects that Juliet is secretly dating Shawn. He hooks her up to a polygraph machine with the hope of finally getting the truth. After initial hesitation, she comes clean about their affair. Lassie, offended by her lack of trust in him, requests that the chief assign him a new partner. His wish is not granted and the pair continue to work the case together.

While trying to referee an argument between the two eleven year old ex-friends, Shawn lifts the key to the ambassador?s house from Mason, the snobby son of the British diplomat. He breaks in a second time to look for any information that may point to the ambassador?s involvement in the crimes. In the midst of his search, Shawn is interrupted and forced to once more take refuge under the bed when the ambassador and his wife enter their room. From this position, he overhears the ambassador telling his wife that they need to get Shawn on their side and plan to grant him diplomatic immunity to ensure his help with this case.

A new lead gives the detectives reason to believe that the murderer was a guest at the party; most likely he was also the last person to leave. This evidence points to Colin and when Shawn and Gus spot the suspect on the street, their laughable attempts to chase him down result in the arrest of all three of them. Colin is released shortly. Lassiter visits the incarcerated pair and shows them a blurry photograph of what appears to be Shawn wearing a suit at the ambassador?s party.

To prove his innocence, Shawn is attached to a lie detector and manages to speak truthfully enough about his whereabouts on the evening in question to create an alibi and avoid setting off the machine. He also admits to loving Juliet, but just as he appears to be in the clear, Lassie unexpectedly asks Shawn if he possesses real psychic abilities. A tense moment passes, but inexplicably when Shawn affirms that he does indeed possess the ability to see into the future, the polygraph shows no indication of deception.

Once Shawn is vindicated, he solves the case. He recalls that while hiding under the ambassador?s bed the first time, he noticed a pair of men?s shoes in the closet. It turns out that said shoes were covering the feet of Fanshawe’s public affairs officer, Colin?s host and Annabeth?s murderer, Charles Wignall. He was hiding in the closet after killing Annabeth due to her knowledge of his guilt in Sarah Peele?s death, which Colin was previously accused of. With no way to refute Shawn?s claims, Wignall is handcuffed and carted off to jail.

In the last few minutes of the episode, Lassie warns Shawn that if he fails to treat Juliet with all the respect she deserves, he will ?discharge his weapon.?

A flashback of Shawn?s childhood reveals that he was taught to outsmart a polygraph machine by his father, who considered this to be a useful enough skill to pass on to his son for potential future use.

As a huge fan of Psych, I had high expectations for the premiere of season six and they were definitely met. James Roday and Dul

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