Student councils from W.S.L. meet, plan events

Other Staff

Several times a year, student council representatives from West Sierra League schools gather together to discuss and plan interschool events. And on Nov. 25, campus student council traveled to Firebaugh High to share plans for second semester.

Carli Albrechtson, ’03, Julie Fujihara, ’03, CJ Haydock, ’03, Carson Belmont, ’05, and Kimberly Bimat,’06, attended the meeting with Christopher Schultz, student activities director.

“It’s a great time for competing school’s to come together, and get along and exchange ideas,” Fujihara said. “Also, we figure out the way their leadership works, and what other schools are about and what they are doing.”

Every two months a meeting is scheduled at a different school. They commonly start with a tour of the campus. That is followed with “icebreakers” and then they get down to business.

“In the past everyone shared their ideas about activities or events their school might do or did previously,” Albrechtson, student body president, said. “After sharing we plan things like a canned food drive and the talent show at the end of the year. For Feb. 12 talent show, the schools will come together and pick two acts from each school to tour the schools performing for them.”

The talent show is another attempt to smooth the choppy waters originating from sports rivalries. In addition to applauding other’s talents, it gives students the chance to see other cultures and learn to appreciate them.

“School’s can become hostile toward each other because of sports,” Schultz said. “This meeting gives them a chance to get together, share ideas, and learn from one another.”

Leadership will next meet at Tranquility High on Jan. 13.