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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

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Seinfeld evokes laughs through acclaimed, off-beat humor

The legendary Jerry Seinfeld visited the William Saroyan Theatre to grace the city of Fresno with his hilarious stand-up comedy act, Jan. 6. The 57-year-old master of humor has been performing onstage since the age of 21.

As a huge fan of Seinfeld and an owner of all nine seasons of his popular ?90s sitcom, I was very excited to see him perform in person. It was sort of surreal to be an audience member at one of his shows; I felt like an extra in the audience at one of the episodes on Seinfeld.

The show opened with a short performance by Carol Leifer whose writing contribution to the hit TV show Modern Family earned her a nomination for the 2012 Writers Guild Awards. Although I respect Leifer as a prestigious woman of the world of comedy, I was not a fan of her style of humor.

Seinfeld?s comedy, on the other hand, was fantastic. His act was cleaner than Leifer’s, which I appreciated. He successfully kept the audience laughing while maintaining appropriate themes throughout the evening.

A sense of camaraderie was established with the audience when Seinfeld opened the show with a bit about the superfluous amount of raising grown in California. This was continued at the end of the show, when an enthused audience member ran onto the stage with the hope of obtaining Seinfeld’s autograph. While speaking into the microphone in hushed tones, he told her that he needed to get back to the rest of the audience and would give her his signature later. He explained he understood how it felt as though the two of them were alone because everyone was drunk on raisins, but it was necessary that he return to his act.

Though all of his acts were absolutely hilarious, my favorite part of the show occurred when Seinfeld discussed the weight problem in the United States, claiming that it is nonexistent until people are so fat that no one can move and everyone is squished together like olives in a can. Seinfeld also evoked much laughter from me when he covered the way bounce houses are like portable insane asylums that reveal a child?s true personality, how Facebook is the great trash receptacle of human time (I agree!) and how ironic alcoholic coffee is, saying that only the strange motivation to be the opposite of sober and tired could drive people to consume such a beverage.

Seinfeld closed with his observations about the embarrassing nature of public restrooms, as they are made from the most sound-reflecting materials and the stall doors have gaps and do not even reach the floor.

Throughout the evening, Seinfeld?s exaggerated facial expressions and physical humor added to the amusement of the show. His vocal intonations provided additional diversion and the fact that he appeared to be having as much fun as the audience created an all-around enjoyable performance.

After the completion of his act, Seinfeld reappeared onstage after receiving a standing ovation to answer any of the audience’s questions. After starring in Seinfeld, he decided to return to the occupation he loves most: stand-up comedy. Additionally, Seinfeld shared about his personal life, stating that he has been married to Jessica Seinfeld for twelve years and is the proud father of three young children.

He also revealed that, although it is hard to choose one favorite episode of Seinfeld, he particularly liked The Marine Biologist, when his neighbor Kramer accidentally hits a golf ball into the ocean and it lands in the blowhole of a whale. He was also a fan of The Rye where Jerry — he played a version of himself on the show — steals a special bakery?s last rye bread from an old woman to give to his friend, George.

When asked about the most embarrassing moment of his career, Seinfeld admitted to appearing on The Merv Griffin Show with his fly down.

My experience with Seinfeld was incredibly fun and I would love to attend another one of his shows if the opportunity arises in the future. I believe that the rest of the audience agrees with me, as the crowd was very responsive and showed their appreciation by heartily laughing and applauding after each punchline.

For more reviews, read the Jan. 11 article, Mi4 provides fill of intensity, adrenaline (VIDEO).

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  • M

    Matthew JonesJan 27, 2012 at 12:02 am

    Not split hit, but this is split fitting.

  • C

    collin winegardenJan 27, 2012 at 12:02 am

    did that make it over???? if so then that is the most epic hit EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!