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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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'Give us Rest' preaches band's final message

Upon discovering a new installment to David Crowder Band’s musical collection, my interest peaked. After enjoying their previous album, Church Music, in 2010, I looked forward to hearing the band’s new album, Give Us Rest, released Jan. 6.

Give Us Rest is the seventh and final album from David Crowder Band, since the band has decided to break up. As this is their last album, I felt sadness and also delight awaiting it, as it includes two whole CDs consisting of 34 songs and monologues. The album is different from their previous ones, with new musical styles that create an original feel to the album, which makes it more enjoyable.

From start to finish, the album acts like a story instead of just music. Each song becomes a new chapter, portraying how the title of the album fits so well. The album gives hope to circumstances we deal with in our lives. Give Us Rest not only addresses death, but also how to conquer death. Since the album gives hope, I feel that it ultimately gives rest with its reassuring tone.

The song “Let Me Feel You Shine,” for example, lifts the depression of death in its prologue, “The Burial.” The essence of faith is prevalent in the song, symbolizing the significance of how much humans need a savior.

“Oh let me feel You shine/ So beautiful and warm/ So beautiful and bright/ Like a sun comin’ out of a rainy sky/ Oh let me feel You shine/ God I need a Savior/ O come Generous King/ O God I need a Savior/ To come rescue me.”

“Fall On Your Knees,” is a song that Crowder guides with his voice to praise God without pride. This song teaches the resurrection story.

“Fall on your Knees / Oh my God / Is to wonderful / Forgiven clean / Forgiven Free.” Crowder preaches to praise God as if nobody is watching.

Additionally, their hit song “Oh Great God, Give Us Rest” mixes the sound of a peaceful ballad that wonderfully compliments its rock feel. I feel that this song describes the whole album because it preaches hope.

“From a crooked heart twisted up like mine / Would you open up heavens glory light / Shine on in, give these dead bones life / Let it shine / on and on / come alive.” This song gives a meaning of redemption for Christians because of God’s sacrifice.

The album is also comprised of “sequences,” which are a total of seven songs with an unfamiliar sound from the band, with a less contemporary, more intimate tone. As some of the sequences are just musical instruments playing, others preach theological ideas. These songs are out of place in the album, but are still interesting to listen to.

The end of the album finishes with the song, “Because He Lives,” which sums up the whole album’s message in a whole.

“Because He Lives / I can face to tomorrow / Because He lives / All Fear is gone / Because I know He holds the future / Life is worth living / Just because He lives.” I like how the album ends up on a happy song, but also with a new outlook on the redemption story. Crowder’s vocals with this acoustic tune guides this song with simple, but powerful lyrics.

The David Crowder Band grandly finished their musical experience, overwhelming my ears to new and exciting sounds and theology. This album was wonderful, topping all their others considerably. Give Us Rest was amazing, but bittersweet because of the disappointment of yet another great Christian album made by the David Crowder Band.

Give Us Rest is available on Amazon, iTunes and most local music.

For more music reviews, read the Jan. 20 article, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ continues to impress.

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  • I

    ivette ibarraJan 27, 2012 at 12:02 am

    This is adorable! Brookie you looked fabulous!

  • L

    Laura CasugaJan 27, 2012 at 12:02 am

    Such a great photo to commemorate a special moment!

  • A

    Amanda MerzonJan 27, 2012 at 12:02 am

    This is adorable, and Brooke, you looked absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!

  • S

    Sheri LeeJan 27, 2012 at 12:02 am

    This is PRECIOUS!