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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Kindle Fire: is it worth the price?

For avid readers like myself, the Kindle Fire seems to be a gift sent from heaven. The 7-inch tablet is a convenient place to store all of your favorite books, movies, magazines, music, apps and more, and was released Nov. 15, 2011.

I received the Kindle Fire for Christmas, having high expectations for the product. After reading a few books, my expectations were more than fulfilled. The device displays full rich color and text which makes your reading experience vivid and like no other.

I was a bit worried before reading with the Kindle, and feared that I would miss the feel of having a solid book in my hands. However, because of the rich display when reading magazines or books, I now prefer the Kindle Fire first.

To my surprise, the Kindle allows you to completely personalize your reading experience. For example, when reading a book, you can change the color of the pages, the font size and style, as well as line spacing and margin width. There is also zoom option for reading text in magazines or on the web.

The option to personalize the product pleased me. Instead of reading black text on a white page, you can customize the layout to be exactly how you want, giving the device a subtle hint of your personality.

For example, on my own e-reader, I changed the background color to a soft grey and made the text that of my favorite font. Occasionally I will change the text print and colors around to freshen up the reading experience.

Aside from reading, you can also download apps for games, entertainment, and even helpful purposes. When searching through the market, I came across an app that allows you to create and edit documents. It works surprisingly well for a handheld tablet, which ultimately adds more positive benefits to the whole Kindle experience.

The Kindle Fire, created by Amazon, has an ultra fast web-browser, which means searching for books and movies is fast and nearly seamless. Most books download instantly.

Watching movies on the Kindle Fire is fast and easy. You go to the market, click purchase, and literally watch your movie instantly. For a tablet, the resolution is surprisingly clear and video streams immediately with limited buffering.

The screen is made of glass, so the handheld does get a bothersome glare when put into direct sunlight outside. Otherwise, reading inside is exceptional with minimal to no reflection.

The Kindle Fire is built very well and sturdy, however it is slightly heavier than other tablets. If you are using the e-reader for long periods of time, a small stand would be something to consider buying.

The battery life on the device is satisfactory. Amazon notes that the Kindle Fire has up to eight hours of battery life when Wi-Fi is turned off. This statement is very accurate to what mine has been like. With the brightness nearly set on the max, I have been able to play games, watch a movie and read for about six hours without having to charge the product. Personally, I am more than pleased with the battery life.

Many Kindle devices have been out since the first was released in ’07. Since then, Amazon’s products have improved greatly, and the Kindle Fire is by far the best. Reading has sharper clarity and, of course, rich color.

The device really does have endless possibilities. While being nearly half the price of competitors, the Kindle is a frugal alternative to other tablets on the market. The handheld accessory contains many of the same options that the iPad by Apple and Nook by Barnes and Noble have.

While comparing Amazon’s merchandise with other leading brands, I would have to say that I prefer Amazon. Although Apple products may offer higher quality instruments, their special features are the same as the Kindle Fire. Being half the price, I prefer the Kindle Fire over more expensive products.

When it comes down to it, you will probably not find an e-reader with such high quality options for the cost. So, the ultimate question: is it worth the price? Hands down, I say it is.

Kindle devices start at $99. The Amazon Kindle Fire can be purchased on Amazon for $199.

For more reviews, read the Feb. 2 article, Seemingly dark plot lights up stage.

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