Drama performs original work

Other Staff

Laughter erupted from the audience as the drama class performed their most recent concoction, combing elements of improvisation and practiced lines. Drama’s performance revealed the ability of the students to transform themselves into actors. As in countless other chapels, the class performed for the student body on Dec. 5.

“The longer piece we performed in chapel was written by Mr. (Tom) McEntee,” Jamie Meadows, ’03, said. “The other short skits were put together on short notice, but I am glad that we were able to get it all put together.”

The longer piece was called Places, Everyone! which demonstrated the impossibility of playing Jesus effectively on stage. Paul Kinnear, ’05, played Jesus and his character struggled to wash his disciple’s feet with the same humility as the Savior.

“The drama team was called on to take the entire chapel time literally last minute,” McEntee admitted. “With standout performances, Lacy Hearnsberger, ’03, acting as co-director, was in charge of three of the smaller performances. Katy Haskin, ’03, and Tiffany Kaiser, ’03, brought their characters to life.”

After drama’s recent performance of Moliere’s “Love Doctor”, the student body had high expectations for the next performance.

“The drama did pretty good especially since it was last minute,” Chris White, ’05, said. “I liked the improvisation the drama incorporated into the skits. It made it very funny and exciting to watch.”

Drama’s next performance will be the short skit, “A Conversation With My Dogs” in chapel on Dec. 18 at 11:15 a.m.