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Student responsibility requires parental support

I am noticing a disturbing trend these days in the educational system of our school. More and more students are not choosing to put forth the required effort in their classes. Instead of working hard to succeed, they are apathetic and slack off, doing almost nothing.

One difference today from the “go for it” culture of yesteryear is the attitude of parents. The problem? More often than not, parents side with their child!

It seems that parents nowadays think that their student is exempt from having to work hard, be held accountable, or be punished for breaking the rules. Instead of a desire for true success, parents wish for easy As and Bs.

Parents then often pressure the school to make things easier for their students. The school in turn makes their classes easier, and expects less. This is totally wrong. Parents should be siding with the school as it attempts to build character and academic prowess in students.

Students will follow their own inclinations if parents don’t keep them accountable. Hard work and success take a commitment from not only the student but also someone who supports them. Students need to take responsibiltiy and parents need to model it for them.

Children need someone to support them as they strive for excellence. Without a strong work ethic, this generation is doomed. Despite all the amazing technological conveniences we have created for ourselves, there still is a real need for work.

In real life there is no such thing as a free lunch, yet too often many students have everything provided for them. They may even dare a teacher to teach them.

It scares me to think of what will happen in a couple years once the protection apathetic students receive from their parents is taken away. Of course, maybe by then it won’t matter.

Perhaps with so many people unwilling to work, our society will devolve into a mindless desire for pleasure. I hope and pray this won’t happen, but it is a great fear.

Parents, step up and lead your student while you still can. It is not too late to stand strong and be the support he/she needs you to be.

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