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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Campus debate centers on school hours

The traditional schooling system of the United States has become a controversial topic among today’s teens. Many consider the full twelve years of school too long and throw away several possibilities, while others take those opportunities to expand their horizons.

“School is too long,” Jeff Torosian, ’03, said, “and it’s not all necessary. Everybody works at different levels?some higher than others. The system would be better if we could all work at our own level.”

While this may be true, a system that everyone works at his or her own level has not yet been developed. Bible teacher, Scott Falk agrees with Torosian, but believes the 12 years fit most students.

“Through my years of teaching,” Falk said, “I have seen those students who act like adults. Other times I have had students that are peevish and irresponsible.”

There are those students who are content with the required amount of school.

“I think 12 years of schooling is necessary,” Jenny Ficklin, ’04, said, “then students get a broader view of things. When the student receives a well-rounded education they see what they like and what they can excel in. If the person later decides to change careers, their first choice is not their only choice.”

In some countries students go to school for ten years and are given the choice of continuing to high school or enrolling at a trade school.

Several students on campus have experienced various school systems and most prefer the American system.

“The academic arena in France is more demanding,” Katherine Babcock, “04, said. “It prepares the student for college, but does not prepare them socially for life. ”

Another student, Sena Lee, ’05, has traveled from country to country, experiencing a total of three different school systems.

“I have been through the American, Korea and European systems,” Sena Lee, ’05, said. “In Korea we were given overwhelming amounts of homework?school for six hours, then homework the rest of the afternoon and evening. In Europe it seemed to go by faster, but we learned just as much.”

Authorities on campus agree that high school could in fact be cut down in time, but feel those four years will give the students time to mature.

“Some disagree on this subject (of the traditional schooling system),” Principal Gary Schultz said, “but I feel that with four years of high school the student will fully develop socially, emotionally, physically and most important to us spiritually.”
” “Sheree Temple, Photographer” “”If God is all knowing, all powerful, and almighty, why does evil exist in the world?” Tom McEntee, sophomore English teacher, in preparation for their final exam, drills students on one of the themes behind All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque.

The class determined that there must be a greater purpose for evil. God does not create evil, but allows it to exist. Humans make choices and their choices affect those around them. However, despite evil, God provides opportunity for a personal relationship with him and, often, a chance to create good from evil.

McEntee said time spent in class is an opportunity for students to expand their minds academically, spiritually and socially in preparation for college and life beyond school.” “” “” “

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