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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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A taste of local history: Clovis centennial

The City of Clovis celebrated its centennial birthday in a vast party,
which I visited at the Sierra Vista Mall, Feb. 27. From this experience I was able to express my outlook on the occasion and the city itself.

Admission to Clovis’s birthday event was free, unless attendees wanted to buy tickets for “A Taste of Clovis,” which allowed participants to sample restaurant foods involved in the competition judging the best of Clovis. The event cost $5 for adults, but I was unable to take part in the function because tickets sold out.

In addition to “A Taste of Clovis,” this birthday bash included various other attractions and events including live music, exhibits and awards of Clovis happening from 4-8 p.m.

Being born in the Clovis area, I was anticipating a fun event that would be worthwhile to attend, and an opportunity to meet new and interesting people. During the evening I walked through the whole mall to see what Clovis representatives had to offer the community.

Walking in, I was introduced to Clovis Connection from Clovis Elementry, a local choir that presented well known songs and started the event amusingly. From the entrance and to the right of the mall, my nose guided me to the lines of tables that were decked with local restaurant samples all wanting to win “A Taste of Clovis.”

Although though the food was not free, everyone was offered small cupcakes baked by Clovis Culinary Arts School at the Institute of Technology, at the end of the event. Along with the cupcakes Clovis Culinary Arts School baked, a cake which was cut in honor of the birthday for show.

This evening was not only enjoyable, but educational as well because of the historical presentations like the Historic Photo Exhibit, which was my favorite since I have never really heard about the history of our city.

Clovis Historical Society Vice President Paul Spraetz, a volunteer at the Historic Photo Exhibit, featured memorable photos that showcased the foundation of history in Clovis that makes the city what it is today.

I liked the story of how Clovis was founded because it was interesting to hear the story in comparison to stories I have heard of how other cities were created. Being a citizen of Clovis, I am disappointed at the lack of attention toward local history at schools because it should be common knowledge to the community.

The story tells how Clovis M. Cole sold his land to Marcus Pollasky, in order to make way for the San Joaquin Valley Railroad Company project that extended from Fresno across the Sierra Nevada. The new depot was named Clovis in honor from Pollasky because of Clovis’s contributions. Since then, Clovis has been growing from that small old town into a prosperous urban city.

While the event was coming to a close, I thought of how big a deal this was to the whole San Joaquin Valley. A century might not seem a lot, but the western side of America has just started to grow compared to back East. This anniversary represents the pride of America as a new nation and to another city that has past the centennial mark.

“Hold fast to dreams,” American poet and social activist Langston Hughes said. “For if dreams die, Life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” This was said in his view on the American Dream, which is proven by the city’s existence today.

For more opinions, read the Feb. 24 article, Perception versus reality: observing biased views.

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