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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Stage Deli adorns experience with Broadway history

Have you ever wondered what it is like to eat a sandwich that was created in honor of a celebrity? Just north of Times Square at Stage Deli, many customers have the option of ordering a meal concocted after a famous person or select an original signature dish.

Ordering a plate eaten by a celebrity is one thing, but eating a signature dish designed by a famous actor like Tom Cruise or athlete like Tiger Woods is a whole different experience.

Stage Deli is an old-fashioned eatery that is well known throughout New York City, and has served the New York Metropolitan area for over 75 years. Since 1937, owner Max Asmas has continued to serve corned beef, pastrami, cheesecakes and other delicacies.

This restaurant is extremely unique in fact that the customers can enjoy the presence of celebrities’ pictures, as they eat meals designed by the very faces on the walls. The deli is family-oriented, and is quite spacious with plenty of room to relax and eat, without bumping elbows with a neighbor. This is very impressive for a restaurant in the heart of New York.

There is something about Stage Deli that keeps customers satisfied and eager for more. I noticed a juke box in the corner playing both oldies and modern tunes, which is not seen in every eatery. Some people even danced to beats playing. Ordering at Stage Deli is like picking candy in Willie Wonka’s factory.

Asking my waiter what to order, he recommended the Tiger Woods Reuben sandwich, which is the deli’s most popular. Because almost everything is al-a-carte, I asked for a side of fries to accompany my main dish. After ordering, I was amazed to see the customers’ reactions when their orders arrived. Keep in mind that these sandwiches are not regular sized, but triple over-sized.

The sandwich was piled high with pastrami, coleslaw and baked Swiss cheese, which was crispy enough to give a golden brown presentation. I loved how the pastrami was tender and juicy with some of the marinade soaked into the bread, making every bite delicious. The meat was seasoned with coarse peppercorns and dipped into a light rue. This is the first plate I have ever not finished. The portion was enough for two people.

To the side of my plate was an extra order of crisp French fries, but with no salt of any kind. Although I understand that some restaurants don?t like to use salt due to customer preferences, I was dissatisfied due to the lack of taste. If the fries were served traditionally, the crispiness and size would have made them superb; I just didn’t care for them, especially since the fries were expensive for only a minuscule amount served.

Stage Deli is sure to satisfy their customers with both food and, of course, great service. The waiter was attentive to everyone at my table, and never seemed to become overwhelmed with the entire group, which was well over 20 people.

If you are looking for a restaurant with authentic deli sandwiches and a renowned name with Broadway and Hollywood cliental, Stage Deli is the place to dine. While ordering, be careful not to order too much, as the total can accumulate quickly. My bill added up to $30.54, not to mention the fact that the sandwich alone was $23.95.

I will definitely be returning to Stage Deli the next time I travel to New York. This place is the best eatery to serve large sandwiches compared to other places I have tried around the states. No sandwich can compare to the authenticity of Stage Deli’s. So the next time you’re near Times Square, make sure you walk through the doors of Stage Deli and step back 50 years into Broadway history.

Stage Deli is located at 834 7th Ave. (between 53rd and 54th), New York, NY. To contact the deli call 212.245.7850 or visit their website.

For more food reviews, read the March 20 article, Lombardi’s earns top title in NYC.

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    Brianna CarlsonMar 22, 2012 at 12:04 am

    I am really looking forward to following and reading about this BB season! Go Eagles!

    Fort Worth, TX