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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Score One For Sadies: Join the Discussion

Acting as a counterbalance to the more formal Night of the Stars (NOTS), the annual Sadie Hawkins hosts an evening where couples can enjoy one another’s company in the atmosphere of a laid-back event.

Traditionally, Sadies is an event where girls ask their dates to a casual night out. In the past, FC’s Sadies have included line dancing and a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

This year, attendees will dress up in sports garb for the occasion’s theme, “Score One For Sadies.” Put on by Student Leadership, Sadies will allow students to travel to Blackbeard’s Family Entertainment Center, with bowling to follow. Throughout the night, couples will compete in games that revolve around the event’s theme.

In honor of those tenacious enough to seek a date for Sadies, The Feather staff has collected several stories featuring their efforts and ideas. Over the next several days, additional stories will be published below.

Additionally, The Feather encourages readers to email their own accounts to us until April 13.

Postcards and Encouragement
Maddie Yee,’13
April 2, 2012

I made several postcards through Costco, with pictures that highlighted Brady Lee’s senior year. Each card had a picture on the front and on the back was addressed: To Brady Lee, From: Unknown. I also wrote a message of encouragement on each postcard, and he received one in each class from first period through fifth period; I actually delivered one of them to try and throw him off.

By fifth period, we were both in U.S. History and he was called out of class for the last one. While he went to the office, I grabbed the life-size postcard I had made that was decorated with playing cards and a banana that said April 21st on the front; he likes bananas, so I thought it would be funny to tape it on the front.

Then, on the back, it said: To Brady Lee, From Maddie Yee, “Will you go to Sadies with me?” He walked into class and I was standing in the middle of the room with the sign; I was pleased when he smiled and replied with a “yes.”

Easter Trail
Lexie Ellis,’13
March 30, 2012

When my boyfriend was gone, I went to his house and set up everything. So when he came home there was a sign outside telling him to “hop down the bunny trail and find 6 Easter eggs with a letter on each to reveal what it says.”

Once he did that he came inside his house and there was a trail of candy bags to his room and on his bedroom door was a sign that said, “I will be very EGGcited if you HOP with me to Sadie’s” and once he opened his door I was in this open front box, simulating an Easter basket, and I was dressed like an Easter bunny.

Quest Adventure
Kevin Thao,’13
March 28, 2012

I received a message on Friday informing me that I was gonna start a quest. On monday I got my weapon, a sponge sword to defend myself against the evil dangers that surrounded me.

Within each class period I received a clue that led me to the next. It was not easy finding these clues because of the perilous journey and foes I had to face. during 5th period I had to kill a bandit (Mckay Mohun) and during 7th period I fought and killed a dragon (Dan Harris).

Throughout the day I was excited and anxious to finish this quest. By the end I was happy to accept Ashley Erickson?s invitation.

Treasure Hunt
Viviana Hinojosa, ’14
March 27, 2012

I had a couple different people give Robbie Hill mini treasure boxes with notes in them all leading to the main treasure. During fifth period someone gave him a sand castle bucket full of candy and a shovel. He had to dig through the candy to find the last clue which led him outside where I was standing with a sign that said: “Sadies” and he said yes.

Breakfast for dinner
Brooke Stobbe, ’12
March 27, 2012

My friend Lizzie and I were trying to think of a good way to joint-ask our friends, Josh and Zed. We were trying to think of what they like… and we realized that all boys love food.

After a few ideas slowly evolved into one, we decided to make them breakfast for dinner. We left them egg cartons the night before with clues, like my address and “6 p.m.” in plastic eggs.

Our feast was complete with pancakes, tater tots, bacon, cinnamon rolls, eggs, fruit, juices, and toppings for the pancakes like syrup, Nutella and Peter Pan peanut butter.

We asked them to get the eggs out of the fridge, and the eggs said, “Josh and Zed… Sadies?” It was a lot of fun because not only did we get dates, but we also got to hang out and cook a big feast!

Mural for McKay
Tynin Fries, ’14
March 27, 2012

After much deliberation with friends, I finally created my idea to ask my prospective date McKay Mohun, ’13. First I needed supplies, so my best friend Brooke Stobbe, ’12, and I shopped at Target for pavement chalk and at Vons for balloons.

Then, my siblings Zed, ’12, and Callista, ’15, along with our friend Mitch Weibert, ’12, spent over an hour in the school parking lot at 11 p.m.

We created a mural depicted a senario where McKay was golfing at the 18th hole. Above him was a cloud with his name written in it and a banner on top with a giant “Sadies?” inside.

When he arrived, he saw me and accepted my offer. I am really excited for Sadies this year, especially with McKay.

Asking prince charming
Rayna Endicott, ’14
March 23, 2012

I got a box and wrapped him a “late” birthday present and inside there was a stuffed frog. There was a note that said: “Out of all the froggies in the lake you’re the prince I want to take.” Then I met Scotty [Jennings, ’12] outside and he said yes.

Ballin’ at Sadies
Kathryn Damschen, ’15
March 23, 2012

I got a miniature basketball and wrote “Saides” on it. Right before Thursday chapel started I called his name and threw it to him. He looked at me, smiled and said yes.

Making a note of it
Katie Baker-Pauls, ’13
March 23, 2012

I had [secretary] Vicky Belmont send him a note during first period in Biology and it said: “I know your pretty cool and I think it would be fun if we went to Sadies together.” During second period, he was called into the office and Mrs. Belmont gave him a note to give to [science teacher] Mr. [Terry] Richards, and I was waiting upstairs with a poster that said: “What do you think? Do you want to go to Sadies with me?” I was holding it by the stairs, so as he walked up he could see it, but he popped out of the elevator. Then I put up the sign and he started laughing and said that he would go with me.

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    Laura CasugaMar 22, 2012 at 12:04 am

    I’ll bet Mrs. Tally’s first grade class was the highlight of the season for those at Golden Living Center.