Abstinence guides dating, not safe sex

Other Staff

Michelle Nachtigall’s article, “Entertainment industry negatively impacts Christian morality”, in the December paper hits the spot. Society today places sexual immorality as an idea far too flippant.

The media portrays sexual immorality as commonplace. Rather than save sex for your spouse, why not do it with a few people just for fun. I believe television movies these days show how having sex is just like brushing your teeth!

Yet magazines, songs and greeting cards are also showing society’s attitude towards immorality. Everywhere I look I am inundated with suggestive scenes and how media wants us to believe that sex before marriage is okay.

Thankfully, my peers accept the notion that saving myself for my future husband and staying a virgin is acceptable. Years ago that may not have been the case and I might be viewed as un-cool.

There are still some teens out there who feel that abstinence is a cool thing. In the book, “When God Writes Your Love Story” by Eric and Leslie Ludy, Leslie writes “?there came a wave of Christian teaching about purity in the form of abstinence seminars, books with guidelines for Christian dating and promise rings” and I support that philosophy.

Even though our television shows and movies have deteriorated their moral values, the choices of younger people to save themselves and stay pure until marriage has increased. The word virgin or abstinence is now a cool thing to say.