Choir anticipates concert season

Other Staff

Hard work involving countless hours of tedious practice proved worthwhile as numerous campus students gathered to perform the choir pieces they had been perfecting. Concert choir offers students the opportunity to refine their musical talents and expand their exposure to different types of choral music.

“The purpose of concert choir is to learn to sing,” Marc Ferguson, choir and ensemble director, said. “It allows the students to spread the gospel through music. It also gives the community the chance to see what the school is about.”

For many students, choir is an enjoyable elective. The atmosphere of the class encourages students to learn to appreciate music.

“I enjoy going to choir,” Sharayah Bell, ’04, said. “It is fun to sing different types of music. The class has taught me how to better use my voice, which I can use when singing other places.”

A select number of students in the choir also participate in ensemble, an audition group for more advanced music students. The smaller group is seen as a privilege, but it requires more of a commitment to music.

“Ensemble requires more time than choir,” Matt Brouwer, ’06, said. “The songs ensemble sings are harder to learn. Ensemble also has more performances that require extra preparation and time away from school.”

Always a highlight of the choir year is the annual spring trip. This year, the choir will be traveling to San Diego on March 25-30.

“The choir trips are the best part of the year,” Danielle Roberts, ’03, said. “I am especially excited about the San Diego trip because it is going to be a wonderful opportunity for us to bond as a group.”

Although the trip is meant to be a fun experience, it is not all fun and games.

“A main reason we take a trip each year to is practice performing,” Ferguson said. “It enables us to share our music as we sing for church services, and various high schools and colleges.”

The choir and ensemble will next perform at the Concert for the Performing Arts at Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium on March 18.