Academic success depends on study habits

Other Staff

Christmas vacation is over. Students are told is time to put away the stocking stuffers and bring out the binder paper.

Movies, parties, vacations ? these will all be left behind as another semester begins, marking a time where socializing will take a backseat to academic life.

“When students get back from vacation they often have a hard time to get back on the right track,” Principal Gary Schultz said. “If I can give any advice, the key thing is to get organized and plan a schedule out for yourself.”

Teachers, parents and guardians are often the front line help in promoting organization and responsibility for students.

“My advice to students is to focus on the material,” English teacher/ parent, Molly Sargent, said. “If they can stop talking long enough to get the main point of the class discussion, they will be on their way to a successful classroom experience.”

It is a well-known fact that when the instructor is having a discussion he/she is giving out key points. Some students however seem to forget that it is important to listen throughout the class and take notes.

Using an agenda should help students get organized. Within each organizer, a calendar, quotes to inspire, strategies for writing and editing are provided. In the back of the agenda book, students can review of math concepts are also included. A clean binder and locker can also help students be more organized.