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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Meet the Bloggers

This year The Feather has a total of 11 students, one parent and one teacher scheduled to blog on a regular basis this for The Feather’s blog site.

While some of the bloggers are well-known, students may wonder who they are and why they chose to blog. Varying from blogs to vlogs, to even podcast blogs, each blog has specific goals in mind.

Sophomores Christopher Grossman and Aaron Dewolf are writing a weekly blog called ‘The Sports Life’.

“We are doing a blog together called The Sports Life which basically covers Fresno Christian sports all year round,” DeWolf said. “Chris and I are both very involved with sports here at the school, so we decided to cover that area of blogging. Considering we publish a blog every Friday, our goal is to post 30 blogs by the end of the year.”

Two students, both of which have always enjoyed movies, decided to write specific movie blogs for The Feather Online.

Mark Bennett, ’14, will share his input on his blog Movies You Have to Read, which will focus on Asian cinema.

“My blog is called ‘Movies You Have to Read’ and it’s about trying to introduce people to Asian Cinema,” Bennett said. “I wanted to do a foreign cinema blog because high school students just don’t watch a lot of foreign movies and I wanted to introduce them to that. My goal right now is to post a blog every Monday.”

Writing another movie blog is sophomore Jennifer Smith. Her blog, ‘Take 2’, is a film review on independent films.

“My blog is called ‘Take 2’ and it is a independent film review for movies that aren’t well known but should be watched,” Smith said. “I have always been passionate about movies and I know that independent films can teach us a lot, so I thought this was something readers might be interested in. My goal is just to get more people interested in movies. I will be posting a blog every other Tuesday.”

Junior Sarah Lim is responsible for posting a new healthy-living blog called ‘So Healthy’.

“I’m Sarah Lim and I am a junior this year,” Lim said. “My blog is called ‘So Healthy’ and the goal is to give inspiration and ideas for healthier eating. I chose to write about this because the general diet of people is becoming more and more unhealthy. I want to teach my readers how to start eating right. I am hoping to post a blog every Wednesday this semester.”

Maddie Yee, ’13, who is The Feather’s Senior Editor, chose to make a blog this year. Yee’s blog, Maddie’s Musings, will be posted the second Wednesday of every month and serves as the school’s monthly devotion.

“My blog, ‘Maddie’s Musings’, will be following up on Brady Lee’s blog, ‘The Weekly Devotion’, from last year,” Yee said. “My hope through the blog is that I can challenge people in their faith and encourage them through Scripture. I wanted to do the devotion blog because it was something that God laid on my heart and I was really motivated from reading Brady’s blog from last year. My goal is to eventually turn my blog into a podcast.”

While some of us prefer to read, others might have more of a taste for video blogs or vlogs. Stephen Melendez, ’13, and Emily Shakeshaft, ’14, started ‘The Hungry Eagle’, a vlog showing viewers how to prepare different meals.

“We are Stephen and Emily and we made the blog, ‘The Hungry Eagle’, which will air every other Tuesday,” Shakeshaft said. “We are trying to give teenagers a young and fun cooking show to watch. Since most of the viewers know us, it will hopefully add to the entertainment. We chose to make this blog because Stephen loves making food and I just wanted to make a fun an exciting blog. We would like to post a video every week, but our goal right now is to post one every other week.”

Hannah Avila, ’14, and Meredith Monke, ’13, are in charge of a video blog as well. Their blog, ‘Frugal Teens’, teaches the young readers how to purchase their necessities for as cheap as possible. Their blog will be posted every other Friday.

“Our blog is called ‘Frugal Teens’ and we’re going to talk about how to buy quality items for as little money as possible,” Avila said. “We chose this topic because we’re going to have to start paying for our own things pretty soon when we go to college. So, we wanted to get ready. We also just thought it would be interesting. Our goal for our blog is to teach and inform people how to live frugally.”

Most of the writers of these blogs are an average high school age, but one of The Feather’s bloggers is getting an early start. This is sixth grader Seth Frietas’ second year blogging. His blog, The Nest, was made to keep his fellow elementary students informed about the campus news.

“I am in sixth grade and I like to write for Mr. {Greg} Stobbe,” Frietas said. “My blog is called ‘The Nest’ and I decided to write because I want to keep the elementary students well informed about the campus news. I’m hoping that more people start to read my blog so that they can know when school events are happening.”

When asked, Frietas started writing because of the connection between Stobbe and Frietas’ bother, J.D..

“I really wanted to write for The Feather because my brother, J.D., was in Mr. Stobbe’s English class,” Frietas said. “I knew that Mr. Stobbe was in-charge of The Feather, so I asked if I could write a blog. I am not intimidated by the high schoolers, I love writing for The Feather Online.”

Students are not the only ones getting involved with blogging this year. Junior high teacher Eric Witters and Deb Fries, parent of junior Tynin Fries and sophomore Callista Fries, stepped up to provide new perspectives to the blogsite.

Witters explains how he thinks this will get readers involved with the teachers’ lives, especially a first-year teacher.

“I teach seventh grade English, world history and eighth grade English,” Witters said. “My blog, ‘Behind the Desk’, is about my experiences as an alumnus teaching here at FC. I chose to blog about this because I wanted to let people know what I am experiencing here at FC from a unique teaching perspective and how that view differs from when I was here as a student.”

Fries shared her thoughts on her blog, ‘Life Chats with Deb’, and gave us an idea of what it is like to write for The Feather from a parents perspective.

“I am a mom to three kids and I work in Special Ed,” said Fries. “‘Life Chats with Deb’ talks about things I have taught and learned from teens: the ups and downs and how they mold us into who we are to become. I wanted to blog on this topic to connect with teens, to let them know that there are people who have their best interests at heart and to continue to learn from them as well. I want to bridge that gap that occurs between teens and parents.”

The Feather is confident that the bloggers will please the readers this year. With a large selection of topics to read about, the hope is that there should be a blog that satisfies everyone.

For more features, read the Sept. 13 article, Students, teacher observe cats for art class (VIDEO).

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