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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Teacher creates motivation through new club

Physical Education [P.E.] teacher Michael Ogden has his students run the mile every other week. This allows the class to see how far they have come athletically. Now, Ogden is adding a new incentive for students to improve their running time.

The Five Minute Mile Club, as he calls it, is a prize students receive for running the mile in under six minutes. Those that accomplish this goal have their names posted in the gym and receive a special t-shirt that Ogden created. He wanted to reward students for their running efforts, and also wanted to create a goal towards which to strive. Anyone who wants to try it is free to do so, even if they are not in P.E.

Ogden got the idea for the club came from a school he worked at in the past.

“I actually got this idea from a junior high school I taught at previously,” Ogden said. “I had both boys and girls that ran a 5:59 mile or less {that}. It was something they really enjoyed, it was a challenge, and it was also very rewarding if they are able to accomplish that goal.”

There were also three main reasons why Ogden wanted to start the club. He felt that there was plenty of incentives to run a mile in under six minutes.

“There are three different reasons I would say I am doing this club,” Ogden said. “Number one: I’m doing this for the obvious health benefits associated with running. Two: I wanted to find a way to validate and reward my students’ efforts. Number three: I wanted students to be able to set a goal of making that time, and then accomplish it.”

Ogden hopes that many students are able to accomplish this as some are close to the goal already.

“Not everybody can run that fast; it’s a challenge,” Ogden said. “My goal is that by the end of the year we order 15 t-shirts. The first week we ran the mile, we had 20 students in the six-minute range, and a handful who were very close. So with a little bit of coaching, teaching and effort, I feel many students can achieve a five-minute mile.”

The first opportunity for student to make it into the Five Minute Mile Club was Sept. 19 where freshmen Jon Anguiano ran a 5:45 mile, Bailey Brogan ran a 5:46 mile and Tyler Breedlove ran a 5:59 mile.

“I was trying to get under five minutes,” Brogan said. “It was a really hard run, but it was worth it. I just ran my best and now I have a t-shirt to show for my effort. It’s a pretty cool idea..”

Some students, however, do not think that the club is worthwhile. Jonathan Agao, ’14, believes that the whole idea is somewhat biased towards those whose bodies are built for running.

“I personally think it’s overrated,” Agao said, “Just because your body is built to do something others can’t, doesn’t mean you should get a special shirt for it. I should get a shirt for being able to do a backflip, but I don’t. I think a low percentage of people will reach the goal, and I don’t think it is worth the effort for a t-shirt.”

Other students think that the Five Minute Mile Club is a good idea. Justin Houts, ’16, thinks that the club is a worthwhile exercise goal.

“I think that it would be a great honor to get in the club,” Houts said. “I probably won?t, but I think for all the people that can, it?s a great idea. I think any exercise goal is worthwhile, so this is a good motivator.”

Skyler Lee, ’16, also thinks that the sub-six mile is a goal that will affect the students. She believes that it will help students to improve their times.

“It?s a great goal to attain,” Lee said. “If they really put their minds to it, the students can do anything. I think it will affect their times because they now have a goal to reach and they want to get that shirt.”

For more information, email Ogden. [email protected].

For more features, read the Sept. 18 article, CSF elects new officers, splits presidency.

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