Exotic eatery entices animal lovers

Other Staff

With the expansion of north Fresno and the explosion of popularity found in the Riverpark Shopping Center, restaurants are hard pressed to compete with the many new additions. Elephant Bar has risen above the others and proved itself to be a major competitor in the restaurant industry.

“I’ve been going to Elephant bar ever since it opened,” Kristy Howard, ’04, said. “It’s one of my family’s favorite places to eat because the atmosphere is very family oriented.”

A main reason for Elephant Bar’s success is the wide array of foods found in their diversified menu. A variety of soups, salads, items off the grill and sandwiches are sure to please customers of all sorts.

“The variety of their menu gave me many choices, so I didn’t have to settle for one type of food,” Susan Portugal, ’03, said. “I had pizza, some of my friends had pasta and some had soup. The only disadvantage was that it took us so long to decide what we wanted.”

A favorite of many students is the Big E Burger. Big E Burgers are engineered out of a half-pound of 100% ground chuck hamburgers. They are cooked medium-well, served on Elephant Bar’s signature hamburger bun with the customer’s choice of French fries, coleslaw or garden salad.

“The Big E Burger is my favorite thing on the menu,” Josh Justin, ’03, said. “It’s so big and juicy; it is the greatest hamburger I’ve ever had!”

Elephant Bar has been constantly expanding and quickly established 20 locations nation wide. With over 18 stores in California, Elephant Bar has molded its aura in west coast fashion. Found inside Elephant Bar’s doors are a number of huge elephant statues of along with other jungle animals and vines hanging from the ceiling.

“A major reason why I enjoyed Elephant bar is its friendly atmosphere,” Derrick Lehman, ’04, said. “The service was great and it really made me feel comfortable.”

I ordered the sizzling fajitas, which were served while still simmering. The most expensive item on Elephant Bar’s menu is a full rack of Kona BBQ pork ribs. With only 11 items priced over 10 dollars, Elephant Bar is a fun affordable experience.

To take part in the Elephant Bar extravaganza, visit Elephant bar across from the Riverpark shopping center on Blackstone and Nees. For more information or to make reservations, call 261-0325 or visit their website at www.elephantbar.com.