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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Varsity cheer continues tradition, holds cheer clinic (VIDEO)

[/media-credit] FC’s varsity cheer squad has annually held a Cheer Clinic to better enhance the skills and create an interest in cheer for any kindergarten through sixth graders, Sept. 17-20.

FC’s varsity cheer squad has annually held a Cheer Clinic to better enhance the skills and create an interest in cheer for any kindergarten through sixth graders who want to try out the sport. The junior high cheer leaders also helped out with this event, which took place on the North Field, Sept. 17-20.

The young participants of the clinic get the opportunity to cheer during the first half of the varsity football game as well as perform during the half-time show which will be followed up by a performance by the varsity cheer squad, Sept. 21.

All their time and work spent learning and practicing the cheers, dances and stunts will be featured as they cheer on the football team who will be battling Avenal High School starting at 7 p.m.

Varsity cheer coach Courtney Raymundo is pleasantly surprised by the turnout of the event. Being her first year organizing the clinic, Raymundo did not know exactly what to expect.

“I don’t think I expected this many girls,” Raymundo said. “There are 43 girls who signed up which seems like a great turnout to me, but I don’t know how big the attendance has been in previous years. This is my first year coaching so organizing this event was brand new to me. There are some things that I didn’t plan for but now I know for future cheer clinics.”

Emma (Katie) Uribe is a first timer on the varsity cheer squad. Uribe reminisces about her days as young cheerleader, going through the same experience they did. She is looking forward to seeing these girls grow and mature in their cheer careers.

“This cheer clinic has been really fun,” Uribe said. “It’s my first year doing this and it’s great to see all the kids trying to learn all the cheers. It reminds me of when I did something like this when I was little; it’s a good refresher. I’m really looking forward to next year and seeing how these girls progress.”

Second grader Mia Sarale picks stunts out of the day as her favorite. Looking forward to the game she also feels her nerves building up as the occasion grows closer.

“My favorite part of cheer clinic is the stunts,” Sarale said. “I like the stunts because I’m the flyer of the group. I’m excited for the game but I’m also nervous because I don’t want to mess up any of the cheers.”

Raymundo expresses the challenges in cheerleading and how the clinic helps the younger girls gain more experience. It helps the girls be more prepared for their future cheer careers, she said.

“I think it shows the girls what cheer is really about,” Raymundo said. “It’s not just standing at a football game cheering your team on, it’s stunting, tumbling, jumping and throwing. There’s a lot that goes into being a cheerleader.”

Varsity cheer co-captain Callista Fries, ’15, relishes over the past few days of the clinic. Fries remains enthusiastic about the years to come hoping to form bonds with the girls.

“I remember cheer clinic when I was little; it was my favorite,” Fries said. “I remember being really impressed by the varsity cheer girls and now I’m one of them. It’s great hanging out with the elementary girls because you get to form a special bond with them. Some of them remember you from the last year and vice versa so it’s really great to see their progress. I look forward to the clinic every year because it’s such a great time of learning and bonding.”

Kindergartner Ellie Douty is looking forward to cheering at the game. Douty shares her feelings about the many cheers she’s learned throughout the clinic.

“I’m excited for the game,” Douty said. “My favorite cheer is “Go Bananas” because I like to jump around.”

More involvement in the football game is one of Raymundo’s goals for this cheer clinic. Raymundo feels this will encourage the parents to become more integrated in their daughters cheer careers, seeing how happy they are by participating in this event.

“I think it’s a good way to get the parents more involved,” Raymundo said. “The parents see that their kids are enjoying it which is very rewarding. Also, this encourages the parents to come out to the game on Friday and watch their daughters perform and cheer on the football team.”

Jennifer Dansby, mother of Olivia Dansby, second grader, is ecstatic about the experience her daughter is partaking in. Dansby is grateful for the varsity cheerleaders heading this event, finding them great leaders.

“This is my daughter’s first year doing cheer clinic,” Dansby said. “One day she came home from school and said she wanted to participate in this. I didn’t know something like this was available for her but I’m really excited about it. The varsity cheerleaders are all very nice and made Olivia feel welcomed. This cheer clinic is definitely worth the fee and if she wants to do it next year I’m all for it.”

The FC cheer clinic actually began with former teacher and cheer coach Eunie McEntee for the 1983/84 school year. Back then she organized a gymnastics clinic on the Peoples Church campus for girls to cheer at the high school basketball games as football was still a year or two away as a campus sport.

For more features, read the Sept. 20 article, Superintendent oversees school-wide improvements.

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  • J

    Jason KimAug 17, 2012 at 12:04 am

    Golf is such a great sport. I am looking forward to have fun this season.

    I do look goofy in that picture though.

  • C

    Colby LeeAug 17, 2012 at 12:04 am

    That was a very fun day at golf practice.

  • A

    Aaron DeWolfAug 17, 2012 at 12:04 am

    Sorry, but I’m not a golf fan.

  • J

    Jon AgaoAug 17, 2012 at 12:04 am

    With those beards, our golf team will be going into the season with style.

  • C

    Christopher GrossmanAug 17, 2012 at 12:04 am

    Well Aaron, maybe that’s because in golf, you do more than just turn left.

  • N

    Nick FontesAug 17, 2012 at 12:04 am

    Golf looks fun, I might try it next year.

  • J

    Jordan CastroAug 17, 2012 at 12:04 am

    Colby you need to act goofy! Jason you too. A golf club, a weird face,