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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Musical comedy generates applause from theater (VIDEO)

Seeing a movie twice in one weekend means that the movie was truly entertaining. After seeing the trailer, I knew I would see Pitch Perfect the same weekend it came out. A movie about college, a cappella singing and Rebel Wilson as one of the actresses is a must see in my book.

Pitch Perfect, starring Anna Kendrick as Beca, is a widely funny movie that follows a simple plot about Barden University’s a cappella singing groups. Beca, a mad-at-the-world freshman, is attending Barden only because it’s free due to her dad being a professor on campus.

Beca’s real passion is making and producing music, which is why she wants to quit college and move to Los Angeles to start “paying her dues.” But her dad, who she avoids at all costs, forces her to attend college for at least one year.

After a month of skipping classes, having no friends and focusing only on her remixes, Beca makes a deal with her dad to start making friends and creating memories. So, she decides to audition for the Barden Bellas’ singing group.

Because of the catastrophe of the Bellas? previous performance at the collegiate finals, they are the laughing stalk of the a cappella community. So, this year?s audition attracts only the weirdest, yet talented, group of girls on campus; Beca is one of them.

From this point on, the focus of the movie is on the competition of the Bellas against the Treble Makers, an all-boy a cappella group, and their road to the collegiate a cappella competitions. The leaders of the group Aubrey (Anna Camp) and Chloe (Brittany Snow) are the typical gorgeous outgoing senior girls.

Beca, who is undoubtedly the most creative girl on the Bellas, is shut down by the returning singers Aubrey and Chloe who want to stick to the traditional Bella song sets, which include no songs from this century and only music written and sung by women. This is the ongoing conflict between Aubrey and Beca that eventually makes Beca quit the Bellas.

Quitting is what brings Beca to the realization that she loves being a part of the Bellas and is finally one of those girls who has a lot of girl friends. During this time, the director Jason Moore, develops Beca’s character to a point where we understand why she shuts everyone out of her life.

Along with her conflict with the girls, she also has a love interest with one of the Treble Makers’, freshman Jesse (Skylar Astin). Because of her inability to have a real relationship, she pushes Jesse away and treats him horribly even though he is the only one who cares about her continuously throughout the movie.

This movie has claimed the spot of my favorite movie. It is incredibly entertaining in every way. Rebel Wilson, playing Fat Amy, is one of the most hilarious roles I’ve ever seen her play. From a short exert at the end of the film, you can tell that she makes up her own lines. Every time she talked, sang or danced, the entire theater was roaring with laughter so loud you practically couldn’t hear the movie. She truly made my stomach hurt from so much laughter.

Skylar Astin was perfectly cast for Beca’s love interest, as he is perfectly balanced between funny and romantic. If only Astin was a real boy who would bring a towel and movies to keep me company on the lawn for an impromptu picnic instead of Beca.

The character development between the entire cast is so good that I feel like I know them personally. They interact so well that you couldn’t even tell that they had just filmed a movie for the first time together.

The music in the film is comparable to Glee, only better; much better. The next day I even had to buy the album on iTunes because I needed to hear the songs again. Most of the songs are a medley of multiple songs combined, mixed together to create a memorable beat and order of lyrics.

This flick is great for everyone, except little kids of course. It has comedy, great music, a realistic love story and an entertaining plot. Though at some points it’s kind of inappropriate, it’s not anything that people haven’t seen before.

The audience claps at the ending, proving the widely positive feeling left at the closing credits. From everyone I?ve talked to, I have only heard completely positive feedback, and I totally agree. I don?t have anything negative about the movie. I plan to see this movie many more times, and I suggest that everyone go and see it. Pitch Perfect is truly one of the best movies I?ve seen and incorporates more than just music and jokes but characters that are lovable and realistic.

Pitch Perfect runs at 112 minutes and is rated PG-13 for sexual material, language and drug references. The film, released to selected theaters on Sept. 27 and released early on Sept. 29 to play at most local theaters.

For more reviews, read the Sept. 26 article, Low budget film sends important message on freedom (VIDEO).

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