Grandparents honored during basketball game

Other Staff

Students geared up for an annual event when grandparents came to view the basketball game against Mendota. As they entered the gym on Jan. 24 for the 2nd annual grandparents night, banners, created by all grade levels, welcomed them.

“We started the grandparents night to cultivate the relationship we wanted grandparents to get with their grandchildren,” Gary Warkentin, business administrator, said. “Although some teenagers don’t really have close relationships with their grandparents, other teens love to have them here on campus.”

The grandparents were acknowledge during halftime of the boys’ varsity basketball game. The boys defeated Mendota, 50-42, while earlier the girls won, 41-32.

“I am really excited that my grandpa came to my basketball game,” Tara Thomson, ’04, said. “He doesn’t come to many of my games, so it was fun to have him here.”

Many of the girls and boys basketball players look forward to this game when they can show off their skills to their grandparents.

“I look forward to watching my granddaughter (Tara) play,” Cliff Thompson, said. “I hear she is an outstanding guard and I wanted to see it with my own eyes.”

For more information about the grandparents’ evening on Jan. 24, please contact the high school office at 297-9530, ext. 125. All games are held at the new FC campus gym. The next basketball home games will be against Firebaugh on Jan. 28 and Fowler on the Jan. 31.