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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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'Forward Unto Dawn': Episode 1

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn is a live action YouTube series that revolves around the character of Thomas Lasky, a student at the Corbullo Academy of Military Science (CAMS) played by Tom Green.Thomas is on a team of marines in training know as the Hastati squad. Thomas’ mother is a high ranking colonel of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC).

The Halo game series takes place mostly between the years of 2525 and 2552, and it surrounds the character of Master Chief, voiced by Steve Downes. Master Chief is a genetically enhanced super soilder. Though it is based on a game, ‘Forward Unto Dawn’ is a YouTube series.

The game series was created originally by Bungie Studios , located in Washington state. The first game came out in 2001 and was a major success.

The first episode begins with Lasky when he is older, serving on board the Infinity, the newest vessel in the UNSC fleet. The ship picks up a distress signal from another ship called the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn. The ship contains the main protagonists of the video games, Master Chief and Cortana.

The signal sets off a flash back in Lasky’s mind. As he wakes up from a cyro tube twenty years prior a team member yells at him to hurry up. Lasky groggily gets up and puts on his armor. He is shaken up from training and loses a training match for his marine team.

We watch Lasky’s begining at CAMS and how everyone seems to hate him because he lost their last training match for them. We also see Lasky’s brother, who is a marine, on the front-lines. This episode ends with a mysterious object falling into orbit above the planet.

Forward Unto Dawn has many high points, like the begining when you get to see a floating space ship in space. This episode is very realistic. For instance, they built a vehicle that is part of the Halo series known as the Warthog.

Although this episode leaves fans a lot to think about until the next episode it suffers awkward pacing and characters that are hard to relate to. It also didn’t do a good job of setting up the minor characters. However, all the main characters are interesting and have well written background stories.

The show was seemingly short although in actuality, it is 20 minutes long, which seemed to pass by quickly.

Other than that, ‘Forward Unto Dawn’ is awesome. I am looking forward to the next episode that will be released Friday, Nov. 2.

For more information on Halo, visit Halo Nation.

For more reviews, read the Oct. 18 article, Puzzle game provides unique game play (VIDEO).

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