Leadership honors teachers with breakfast

Other Staff

Unfamiliar smells arose from the Jacky Johnson room at a very early hour for most of the faculty and the student leadership class. This Tuesday on campus student leadership sponsored a buffet style breakfast for the teachers to celebrate the closure of the semester and the celebration of Christmas.

“It felt really good to make breakfast for the teachers,” Kim Bimat, ’06, said. “because they do some much for us during the year that was the least that we could do for them. That was my first year being involved with it but I think it went pretty well.”

Not only the students felt the breakfast went well but so did the staff that attended the breakfast.

“It was great, extremely well done I really appreciated all the reception,” Terry Richards, junior high bible and science teacher, said. “The friendliness of the students was wonderful, the food was delicious and the entertainment was good.”

During the breakfast a video of a couple staff members, made by the video production team on campus, was shown.

“The video was fun to watch,” Greg Page, dean of men, said. “I have attended this for fifteen years. The fellowship of being with the kids and teachers was great, especially this year because my daughter was involved.”

Other than the humor of the video the atmosphere this year was favored above previous years.

“It was terrific,” Yoko Kilbourne, high school secretary, said. “The d