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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Sophomore influences team mates, stays active through sports

As an experienced soccer player, sophomore Ivette Ibarra has big expectations as she enters her second year as a starter on the varsity girls soccer team.

Also an avid volleyball, Ibarra has proven to be a great influence on FC girls athletics. She notes that sports are an important part of her life.

“I have always really enjoyed playing sports,” Ibarra said. “My whole family has always been deeply involved in sports so I guess it was a given that I would participate in athletics. I plan on playing sports for the rest of my high school career.”

Ibarra was drawn to play soccer four years ago when her friends got her involved. She has really enjoyed playing soccer so far, because she gets to play alongside her friends.

“Four years ago, a group of my friends told me to play soccer with them, so I decided to play,” Ibarra said. “It’s been a good decision so far. I love being out there on the field with my friends and just have fun with it.”

As a freshman, Ibarra started on the varsity girls team. Though she does not play on a club team, she likes staying in shape by playing other sports.

“I would play on a club team, but I don’ t really have the time with other sports,” Ibarra said. “As long as I am staying active in a sport, I can stay in shape. During the summer if there is a pick-up game with my friends, then I will play, but other than that I just play on the school team. I love soccer and plan on playing for a while.”

Ibarra notes that she likes soccer due to the fact that she has always had a natural talent for it.

“Since I first started playing soccer, I have always been pretty good,” Ibarra said. “I really enjoy that fast pace of the sport and the intensity. I like having to always be on my toes.”

Jessica Healy, ’13, said that playing alongside Ivette definitely makes the sport more exciting.

“Playing with Ivette makes the soccer experience much more surprising,” Healy said. “She definitely brings a lot of excitement out to the field with her. She never fails to bring a smile tour faces and that’s what I love about playing with her.”

Soccer coach, Tony Martinez, thinks that Ibarra is a very intense player and a great advantage to the team.

“Ivette is a very hard worker,” Martinez said. “She always has a good attitude and plays to the best of her ability. She is good leader on and off the field, and I am proud of her. I am honored to be able to coach her.”

Considering that they have already had two children who have participated in highschool sports, Ibarra’s parents are very supportive of her. Ivette Ibarra, the mother of Ivette, stated that she was very proud of what her daughter is doing.

“Me and Ivette’s father are both very proud of Ivette for participating in so many sports,” said Ivette. “She has always enjoyed soccer and loves to play it. Whether she chooses to play in college or not, me and her father will always support her.”

Since soccer is a physical sport, Ibarra mentions that she has received a fair share of injuries over the years.

“I have gotten a lot of injuries while playing soccer,” Ibarra said. “The worst injury I got is probably when I hurt my knee. I always get jammed fingers and toes, but I just have to tough them out.”

Fellow sophomore and teammate Gabby Siqueiros said that she has enjoyed playing alongside Ibarra for the past few years.

“I have been playing soccer with Ivette for a couple of years and I have enjoyed it,” Siqueros said. “She has always been a good friend and a talented soccer player. I am looking forward to being able to play soccer with her for these next few years.”

Since she loves the sport so much, Ibarra said that she has considered playing soccer in college.

“I have thought about playing soccer in college,” Ibarra said. “I would love to be able to play both soccer and volleyball in college, but I don’t know if that will happen so I am still deciding on what to do. Whatever I choose though I will always enjoy soccer.”

For more sports, read the Nov. 5 article, Volleyball sport shorts: Riverdale.

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