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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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EDITORIAL: Finding rest during Christmas vacation

Three weeks after the first semester marks the half-way mark for campus students, offering a break and time for relaxation. But as the countdown to Christmas vacation runs out, students prepare to spend time with friends, family and work on homework assignments. When a break finally provides free time, students and teachers tend to fill their schedules with events that distract from the relaxation.

Though the vacation is supposed to allow time for family and friends, sometimes over scheduling plans with friends can have the opposite effect the vacation should have. During break, homework is halted, sports are suspended and social events lessen in importance to give each student free time. But some work to get ahead by spending the extra time working, turning the vacation into a whirl of holidays, homework and get-togethers.

During the upcoming Christmas break, The Feather staff encourages students and teachers to think over their plans during the holidays and consider whether or not their break will be relaxing. When students take the allotted time and use it well, they can return to classes with more energy to finish off the school year strong.

Though family may come into town and friends have time to goof off together, over scheduling can cause more stress than intended. When students spend break hopping from one social event to the next, little time is left for their personal use. The vacation should provide students with new energy, so students need to monitor how much time they spend “catching up” with loved ones while they should be relaxing.

The Feather staff encourages students to catch up on the hours of sleep they have missed due to finals week, sports tournaments or even Christmas shopping. With more hours of rest, the rest of the day will prove to be more productive and rewarding.

Though sleeping in on vacation is relaxing, going to sleep at a reasonable time will also help balance out the difference, not to mention helping to counteract the nocturnal nature of high school students. Receiving the correct amount of sleep can also create a better attitude.

The holidays revolves around gatherings with family, eating food and opening presents, but though that might seem relaxing, it can be stressful. The Feather staff encourages students to seek some alone time, ensuring that students won’t come back to school without getting any emotional down time. Each student should spend time alone, where they do not have to worry over family or homework. The Feather encourages students to pick up a book, watch a movie or journal to provide a soothing activity that allows their mind to wander.

The Feather staff also would like to encourage the campus community to take time to think about the meaning of Christmas. With busy schedules, it’s easy to loose sight of God in the mix of activities. So, take time to be grateful for the holidays and the people around you.

During these holidays, don’t get too wrapped up in presents and the superficial part of the break. Instead, look at what really matters and use the break to reenergize for the new year.

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