Football star wins WSL talent show

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Nervous performers stand alone in front of a sea of gawking strangers in the moments preceding the unleashing of their hidden talents.Springtime spurns dreamers to explore their glitzy fantasies and test secret aspirations that few of their peers know they possess.

For the third annual WSL Talent Show, 11 entries (including a snare drum solo from campus representative David Pohl, ?03) participated in the competition. The show provided students with the ideal opportunity to share their gifts and abilities with their peers as well as practical incentive to compete.

I entered the competition for the $150 bucks,” Pohl said. “I’ve played the drum since eighth grade and never really done anything with it before so I thought I’d use this opportunity.”

The traveling nature of the show allows students and organizers from Christian schools to reach out and connect with secular schools.

“I got a lot of good responses from the band directors and band members at the other schools,” Pohl said. “The band director from Firebaugh is starting a church and asked me to come play in his worship band.”

Nonetheless, the final competition held on Feb. 19 at Firebaugh was riddled with controversy. The acts of schools such as Tranquility were nixed for “scandalous content.”

“The dancers from tranquility were disqualified at the last competition because they changed it at the last minute by using music and dance routines with questionable content,” Pohl said.

Coordinators find content as secondary to the overall talent displayed. Campus events planner Christopher Schultz said he often chooses to overlook slightly-inappropriate material within the acts for a higher purpose.

“I think it’s great for our students to be able to appreciate all the talent although they are not all overly-Christian,” Schultz said. “The number one reason we are in the WSL league is to travel and interact with public schools in an inoffensive way.”

In the end, Pohl took the coveted first place and $150 for his snare drum solo.

Second place was given to a foot-tapping piano and drum duet played by Jeffery Wood and Abdias Cervantes of Caruthers. Third place was given to Helen Ochoa, ’03, of Mendota for her a cappella solo.” “Maddie Ervin, ?04” “The WSL Talent Show provides for many students to unmask hidden abilities to schoolmates as well as various area schools. Here, David Pohl, ?03, reveals yet another mastered instrument added to a list which includes the trumpet and trombone when the talent show arrived on campus, Feb. 12.

This year’s Homecoming King, Pohl continues his reign by stunning students with a riveting snare drum solo. Pohl performed numerous times including at Firebaugh and Tranquility on Feb. 19. Pohl won $150 for his efforts.” “” “” “