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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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A red carpet affair: Join the discussion (VIDEO)

UPDATE: those planning on attending Nigh of the Stars (NOTS), can earn an early bird ticket discount. Those who purchase NOTS tickets on Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 22-23, earn a $5 discount. Tickets sold those two day will be $45, apart form the usual price of $50.

As the annual Night of the Stars (NOTS) approaches, students begin to ask each other to the formal event in creative, unique ways. NOTS serves as the students’ only formal event throughout the year, providing both a date-like setting and one for groups.

This year, student leadership released the theme as “Lights, Camera, Action!” for the event to be held at The Grand on the 10th floor, Feb. 16. Boys around campus plan to ask their potential dates in unique ways, using everything from flowers and candy to signs and poems.

This year, Student Leadership is offering two free tickets to the couple who has the best asking caught on film. The Feather staff would like to encourage any students who got asked to submit their stories in the comments below.

Lunch-time surprise
Tynin Fries, ’14
January 17, 2013

Juan {Ruelas} asked me to NOTS on Monday. I got poems in each class period and then the last one told me to go down to the quad during lunch. Basically the whole school was there, just watching, and when I came out Juan had spelled out “NOTS” in candles and was holding flowers and chocolates. He actually got down on one knee when he asked me and I said yes, of course. I’m really looking forward to NOTS this year, I think Juan and I will have a lot of fun.

Caught off guard
Elise Winegarden, ’15
January 17, 2013

I was in geometry class and when Mrs. Belmont called me to the office. I was freaking out because I thought I was in trouble or something. When I came back to class, the TA was supposed to open the door for me, but instead the door had “NOTS” written on it. Then Garrett came around the corner and asked me to NOTS.

Lost and found
Rees Roggenstein, ’16
January 17, 2013

After school I walked out into the courtyard looking for Skyler [Lee] with flowers and chocolate, but she wasn’t there. All these girls started hanging around me and I was thinking, ‘This is awkward.’ Usually she’s in the courtyard after school so I thought I’d just go get the flowers and chocolate out of my car and give them to her, but she wasn’t there. We started looking for her and it turned out that she was at the gym at basketball practice. Finally I saw her walk over and I thought “thank goodness.” I asked her to NOTS in the parking lot and she of course said “yes.”

Spelling it out
Logan Rood, ’13
January 17, 2013

Nick [Baladjanian] spelled out “formal” on individual posters so that I would get a letter in each of my classes. I got an “F” in my first period, an “O” in my second period, and it continued throughout the day. Then during eighth period he walked in with a question mark. He asked me to NOTS and gave me roses.

Sweet surprise
Dominic Mendoza, ’13
January 17, 2013

I asked Brittany Bender. The day before I was thinking about asking her, then I figured I wanted to ask her before someone else did so first period I went to the dollar store and got Gummy Bears and also bought a sign. On the sign I put gummy bears and wrote out ‘It would be sweet if you went to NOTS with me’. From there, there was a line of gummy bears from the door to the elevator, because she has to use the elevator, then Logan provided a distraction for Brittany. During the distraction I came out and asked if she would go to NOTS with me and she said yes.

For more discussions, read the Dec. 14 article, Most wonderful time: Join the discussion, 2012 (VIDEO).

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