FCS Live planning underway

Other Staff

Questions from prospective parents file into the school on a regular basis. Designed to display classes and extracurricular activities offered, FCS Live allows parents and students to have their questions answered by a teacher or faculty member. This year, the information session will be held on March 3 in the gym.

“This event is a way to get information to people interested in the school,” Gary Schultz, principal, said. “It enables them to be able to talk to the teachers and get first-hand information about everything the school offers.”

FCS Live allows students to connect with the areas they find most interesting. Teachers will be present to answer questions concerning their areas of expertise.

“This event is a wonderful way to inform parents and students about the different programs offered on campus,” Marc Ferguson, fine arts chairman, said. “It also allows us to get in contact with potential recruits for the music and other programs.”

FCS Live also allows current students and families to further learn about the different activities offered on campus.

“I went to FCS Live last year and it helped me learn about everything offered on campus,” Jessica Boyko, ’03, said. “It gave me a better understanding of the different activities offered and how to get involved in them.”

The event will be held from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. For more information, contact Yoko Kilbourne in the high school office at 299-1695 ext. 128.