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Juniors produce 'The Karate Kid' parody for NOTS

With the upcoming formal, Night of the Stars (NOTS), the junior class works to put together their movie. Each year the class has created a movie, so when the second semester started, the junior class was already planning for the third movie for the class of ’14.

After changing the movie once, the junior class decided to create a spoof on the 1984 The Karate Kid. Daniel Larusso will be played by Viviana Hinojosa, Mr. Kesuke Miyagi will be by David Yue and Caleb Nale will play the part of Johnny Lawrence.

Junior Hannah Avila, filmed and edited this year’s NOTS movie for the junior class. Avila is stressed with the work she has committed to, but enjoys the final outcome that will be presented tomorrow.

“I enjoyed being a part of the whole NOTS filming process, but I did not like being the person filming,” Avila siad. “It stressful and I didn’t really know what I was doing half the time. Our class filmed the movie in one day and then we edited it in one day too so that again was stressful and took along time.”

Avila likes that the junior class has picked The Karate Kid and appreciates that she was able to film at school. To make their spoof accurately, Avila changed some of the details within the movie so it would be easier to understand.

“We chose this movie because we knew it was going to be easy to film and produce,” Avila said. “All of the scenes could be shot at the school so we really enjoyed that. The movie is a parody of The Karate Kid and follows the real movie in a way but we had to change certain things so the movie would flow better.”

Avila is dissapointed in the lack of participation within the class, but was encouraged by the effort brought by the juniors committed to helping, including the Nale family.

“Everything for the movie was done in one day so I know that the movie is not going to be great,” Avila said. “We only had seven juniors participate in the film and one of the juniors, Caleb Nale, brought his siblings which were Cole Nale, Hannah Nale, Hunter Nale and a friend that was hanging out that day who actually played a role in our movie.”

Junior Bobby Christopher, although having filmed and edited last year’s movie The Parent Trap, had multiple obligations that conflicted with the meetings and was therefore not able to play a role in this years movie. Having a complicated time filming last year, Christopher withdrew from the process for this year.

“I had too many projects and commitments because I’m taking SAT classes three days a week,” Christopher said. “I filmed last year, but it was difficult to get everyone together at the same place and the same time and get everything done. Next year, I may participate and play a role but I probably won’t film or edit it.”

Hinojosa recalls winning Best Supporting Actress last year, but is content with just that award, not hoping on any awards to be given to her this year at NOTS.

“I acted in last year’s movie, The Parent Trap, and that was a lot of fun,” Hinojosa said. “That was the year I won Best Supporting Actress, but I’m not hoping to win anything this year.”

With the time closing in, the juniors hurried to complete the movie within the deadline. Hinojosa knows that the quality is not the best they have done, but was a good expierience to be a part of.

“We whipped out the movie in a couple of hours so it’s not exactly like my acting is top notch,” Hinojosa said. “I just hope the movie was good because I’ve never even seen The Karate Kid so I had to have a lot of direction. Overall it was a good experience though.”

Nale enjoyed acting in the movie because he has never particiapted in NOTS. Nale realizes that the movie will not be amazing, but will still make the viewers laugh.

“I was excited to have a role in the movie because it’s fun and I wanted to play a part in the NOTS movie,” Nale said. “The most memorable part of filming was getting spit on by Viviana because it was gross. I think the final product of the movie won’t be amazing, but it will be funny.”

Avila thinks that the junior class will not win any awards and will be surprised if they do.

“Personally, I don’t think we will win any awards our movie is definitely not worthy enough of winning any awards in my opinion,” Avila said. “I would be flabbergasted if we did win anything.”

Avila is dissapointed at the lack of time management within the junior class, but looks toward the completion of the movie as a achievement.

“This whole process has been difficult especially getting everything done last minute,” Avila said. “But it was worth it in the end.”

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Ryan King also contributed to this article.

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