FCA discusses relationships over breakfast

Other Staff

The hunger for a relationship with Jesus Christ and the prospect of a refreshing free breakfast brought students together at a recent Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Journalist and author Dorina Lazo highlighted the event by addressing the students about high school relationships at the meetings held on Feb. 20 and March 6.

Lazo spoke mainly from personal experience and shared how she accepted Christ when she was seven and grew in her faith when she went to school in Chicago.

During Lazo’s school career, her humanities teacher asked her to talk about the trinity before the class and Lazo was at a loss for words. This experience made Lazo realize that she needed to strengthen her walk with God.

“I felt that my personal life was a quality example for others,” Lazo said. “My thoughts changed when I realized that I wasn’t as in tune with God as I should have been. Hopefully something I said in FCA affected these students and helped them grow in their personal relationship with God.”

When Lazo was young, she had a strong desire to play soccer, but her school did not have a girls’ team. The boys’ coach said the only way he would let her play was if she went out for track. Eventually, Lazo and her coach developed a mentor/prot