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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Senior utilizes softball as ministry opportunity

As a devoted athlete since elementary school, senior Amy Savage was introduced to softball in fourth grade by a friend. Although many students try various sports as youngsters for fun, her passion for the sport has grown over the years and she has continued to play in junior high and high school. Due to her dedication, she now plays outfield on the varsity team.

Besides softball, Savage also plays on the varsity soccer team. Savage believes that being involved in sports is beneficial for her both mentally and physically. She enjoys the challenges that she is required to overcome in sports.

Savage was first introduced to softball when her fellow senior friend Katie Barisic informed her about the sport. Savage then decided to play for FC the following year for fun.

“I was introduced to softball in fourth grade,” Savage said. “My friend Katie Barisic told me about how her sister played for FC and how she was planning on playing the next year. It sounded fun enough to me, so I decided that was the sport I was going to play. I started in fifth grade and have been playing ever since.”

According to Savage, she is interested in softball due to her natural athletic abilities. She has the basic skills to play the sport and enjoys being active.

“Most people like certain sports because they are good at them,” Savage said. “I am no different; I enjoy softball because I actually have some skill at it. I can catch a ball, throw a ball and hit a ball. Also, playing sports keeps me healthy so that is why I am involved in both soccer and softball.”

Despite the differences, Savage says that she enjoys playing both sports. She enjoys playing soccer due to the fast pace and softball for its game intensity and unpredictability.

“I?m not sure which I prefer,” Savage said. “They are so different. I am better at softball, but I have learned so much more in soccer. I love them both. I like how pace is very fast in soccer, but softball can pick up the pace any time during the game so I enjoy playing both sports.”

Savage also enjoys playing softball, since it is a safe sport to play. She has only gotten a few bruises while playing over her entire softball career.

“I?ve never gotten more than cuts and bruises from softball,” Savage said. “Probably the worst thing I?ve ever done in softball is run into a fence. I was stunned and bruised, but that?s about it.”

According to the team’s junior pitcher Jenna Weimer, she is looking forward to playing with Savage due to her positive attitude and her willingness to lead the team.

“Amy always sets an example for the rest of the team in the effort she gives,” Weimer says. “There are always off days for any player, but I know that she is giving her best. It’s really nice as a pitcher to know that I have her behind me, ready to give her all to back me up and prevent rummers on base. Her attitude while playing is always positive, and she has been so encouraging. I am so glad she is playing this year, and I will definitely be sad to see her graduate.”

Amy’s mother, Marylou Savage, says that she is proud of her daughter for dedicating time and effort to softball.

“When Amy takes on a commitment, she follows through,” Marylou said. “She is trustworthy and dependable. She has a real heart for Christ and lives her life to please Him both in private and public. I am proud of her beautiful heart, her kindness and compassion. In short, she is definitely the daughter I prayed to God for 17 years ago.”

Savage usually plays outfield center fielder. She enjoys the position, since she is use to playing outfield and her ability to catch.

“I usually play outfield center fielder,” Savage said. “I like it because that?s what I?m good at. I have played outfield all my life and it?s what I know best. I can catch fly balls or whatever else comes out there.”

According to Savage, her relationship with the Lord affects the way she plays on the field tremendously. She focuses on playing for His glory rather than the numbers on the score board.

“The way I think and act on that field should be a reflection of Christ,” Savage said. “I try to give God the glory whether it?s a win or a loss. Over the years I have learned to see the game differently. I have learned that no matter what happens God can use me. He can use me just as well if I lose a game as when I win one. Losing with grace can be just as big a ministry as winning every game.”

Savage is bittersweet about playing softball for the last year. She has enjoyed playing softball all four years in high school and plans on keeping the memories that she made with her teammates.

“I don?t plan on playing sports in college,” Savage said. “I don?t think I am good enough and they would distract me from my work. However, I made some great friends on the team and I love all the memories I made with my teammates. I am very thankful for the opportunity to play for FC.”

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