Journalists improve vocabulary with 'word of the day'

Other Staff

Those who enter the computer lab will now notice an addition to the whiteboard. The journalism editors have begun finding a “word of the day” and writing it on the board.

“We feel that it is our obligation to help the student body improve their vocabularies one word at a time,” Editor-in-chief Bradley Hart, ’03, said.

The words are written up in the manner of a dictionary with the pronunciation and the definition. According to Hart, on days the word has not appeared, there has been questioning about it.

“One day we didn’t have the word up in the first fifteen minutes. People started asking where it was and demanded we find one.”

Hart and Nathan White, ’03, are the leaders in producing this valuable learning aid. They hope the tradition they have started will continue into the future.

“I am glad that we have started this,” White said. “The word of the day is the legacy I would like to leave with Fresno Christian.”

The practice of delcaring a new word of the day was inspired by a similar feature found at According to Hart, the word selected sometimes corresponds with the website’s, but often is selected because of its relevence to current events or school happenings.

Students who have wandered into the journalism room have found themselves intrigued by the new feature.

“The word of the day is exciting,” Brandon Nimon, ’03, said. “It’s certainly helped me improve my vocabulary and I find myself coming in each day to see what the new word is.”

The word of the day for March 4 was the adjective”circumambient”. According to, it means “encompassing or surrounding.”

To see the word of the day, visit the computer lab. If students would like to submit a word, contact Hart or White. Words can also be submitted online by e-mailing [email protected].