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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

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EDITORIAL: Make each moment count

In light of recent events, students on campus may have begun to think about how each minute of life can affect them and those around them. This topics begins an avalanche of questions that students may ask themselves, such as ‘What was the last thing I said to my parents or friends?’ or ‘What if today was my last?’ As the students may deal with questions like these, The Feather would like to encourage them to become aware of their actions.

While high school students are only 13 to 18 years old, unexpected accidents or tragedies can occur. And though it may not be something that students enjoy contemplating, the seriousness and long-lasting effects that can ensue when an accident happens are something to outweigh the hassle.

As many students go about their day joking with friends and family, there is also a time for showing loving actions towards those very same people. Whether it may be remembering to tell parents to have a good day at work, or informing friends of appreciation, the last impression left on anyone is important.

The FC community has learned, through the death of a campus parent, that time is precious. No one can predict when accidents will happen, so The Feather prompts students to consider their actions throughout the day.

Each morning students, parents and teachers wake up to the same faces at the breakfast table, but the routine of life may interfere with displaying special affection each day. When students were forced to think about losing a parent, many reconsidered how they treat their parents on a day-to-day basis.

When class ended, did the teacher feel loved and supported by their students? Students may not realize how much their words and actions affect the others around them.

The jokes that are made between friends or in the hallway may be intended for fun, but their effects can be drastic towards the receiver. Some cases can be extreme and lead towards students feeling bullied among their own friends.

On sports team, students often treat their teammater like siblings. Though they can work together and get along, some games, matches or meets can cause conflict between the team. But be wary and acknowledge the advancements and accomplishments throughout the season. Just as students should attempt to verbally love on their family members, The Feather encourages students to do the same on their sports teams.

The Feather wants to encourage its readers to make every day count. Don’t let a day go by without telling loved ones how much appreciation should be given. When a conversation ends, be conscience of the effects that words can have on the peers around you.

The senior class especially learned that each moment is precious in the grand scheme of life. As no one knows when their last moment may be, the campus community must acknowledge that life is short.

When considering each action and conversation throughout the day, The Feather wants to leave its readers with one rule: encourage more, criticize less. Think through the actions and words that may leave a final impression on someone who will again learn that moments are precious.

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