We want the funk

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In the preparatory moments before the clock begins, the steady rhythm of George Clinton and the Funkadelic Parliament’s “We Want the Funk” sets the mood and tone for this year’s varsity boys’ basketball team.

Basketball proves to be an enjoying endeavor for its players but the realm of high school sports inevitably results in merciless rivalry.

To defy the competitive spirit of the game, this year’s team determined to adopt a fun-loving approach.

Any time you get an influx of guys that haven’t played there is a lightness in the air,” CJ Haydock, ’03, said. “There is a fine line in having fun and being successful but if the team isn’t having fun then we don’t play well.”

Of all the usual problems facing high school athletes, this year’s campus basketball players see the advent in multi-sport athletes such as the football players who have shifted into basketball season.

“This year is tougher mainly because most of the players weren’t with us practicing in the off season,” Christopher Schultz, varsity boys’ basketball coach, said. “As a coach, of course, I have expectations, but it’s great to have a bunch of goof-balls who enjoy life.”

This season proves to be a mentoring experience for veteran ball players and a humbling learning time for the numerous novices such as line backer and tight end, Austin Livingston.

“It’s been hard transitioning because you really have to be able to handle the ball as apposed to just catching a football,” Livingston, ’03, said. “This is my first year playing basketball and the rest of the guys have given me a lot of encouragement.”

To combat the obstacles the team will undoubtedly face this season, devout veterans such as Jon Steele hope to overcome a bumpy beginning and move on to the glory that has always made the sport so appealing.

“Our expectations to win league will be much harder to accomplish than last year,” Steele, ’03, said. “Eventually we will get over the hump to really enjoy the competitive pace of the game that makes it all worthwhile.”

While balancing the funk with the work, the varsity boys show promise for a season free from shallow wins in exchange for celebrated wins that cost blood, sweat, and tears.

They will next play Caruthers on Feb. 5 at 7pm.
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