Strike on Iraq justified

Other Staff

Dear editor,

I disagree with Nathan White’s latest article Iraq evidence must be shown, the Iraqi Regime reveals itself as an evil power.

History has seen men of this nature before. Hitler and Stalin, both powerful dictators, committed mass murder against mankind. Yet many Western European countries along with America, did nothing. It wasn’t until American land and possessions were jeopardized that the U.S. did the right thing.

America fought WWII against the Nazis and Japan and discovered millions of corpses due to genocide.

Saddam Hussein has killed Kurds, and 50,000 of his own people who disagreed with him. Hussein is a murderer.

Does the United Nations charter allow genocide without taking any action? Genocide has occurred, yet nations debate what the world should do. Why does the world believe a known murderer to keep his word?

The world is not at peace. How man more must die before the world intervenes?