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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Freshmen explore college options, early preperation (WHEN IN DOUBT POST THIS)

For many freshmen college tends to be viewed as a matter to be dealt with in latter years of high school. However, students have the potential to prepare for college even in their first year. Through a collection of simple steps, a student is capable of developing skills and plans in the present that will aid them in the future.

Freshman grades do affect a student’s overall college Grade Point Average (GPA). Although, some colleges focus on the last three years, more competitive colleges observe freshman year as well. The GPA of a student who receives C’s and D’s freshmen year may be significantly lower than one who gets A’s and B’s.

A student who has an academically shaky first year of high school can still be accepted to a quality college. However, the road there may be more difficult due to the time lost. Early preparation for college may enable one to have less stress as an upperclassman.

Therefore, this year provides a time to pursue interests and find subjects that one is passionate about. Colleges approve of a well-rounded student with academic, athletic and social talents. Yet at the same time, students need to prioritize their schedules and refrain from over commitment. After all it is better to succeed in a few things then struggle in many. The level of participation possible depends on the individual.

Since high school and even freshmen year is cable of causing students to develop habits that affect them in college, it is important to create the right ones. All students need some amount of time to complete their homework, study and reflect on academics. However the way each person does this and for how long depends on the individual.

For example some students require complete concentration in silence for long periods of time while others prefer shorter sessions of concentration and more frequent breaks. A study habit applicable to one?s personality and dailey schedule may aid them significantly throughout their high school career.


Most colleges look favorably upon students who take college prep classes in high school. These courses serve to prepare students for the amount and quality of work expected of them in higher education. It is important that one take core classes as freshmen in order to optimize time, future options and meet all high school requirements.

Students should plan out a plausible road to college so they can clearly organize their thoughts and options. This may require the aid of one?s guardians. Students may want to ask their guardian?s opinions about college budget, location and other factors in order to aid in their selection.Parents may also share their experiences and guide one to make the correct choice in classes. If an individual is still confused or unsure of which classes to partake in they should seek an appointment with the schools guidance counselor.

FC Guidance Consoler Michelle Warkentin says that the selection of classes that students choose freshmen year is essential to early preparation for college. She also states that the first year of high school prepares one for the next three, and higher education.

“Freshmen can start preparing now (for college) by taking the right classes and maintaining a good GPA,” Warkentin said. “It is helpful for them to meet with me to set their four-year plan as soon as possible to ensure that they are signing up for the classes they need. Freshmen grades are definitely important. Some colleges look at freshman grades while others do not. Freshman year should be focused on developing good study skills and work habits that will help them to be successful throughout their four years of high school and beyond. Hard work and dedication in these areas will pay off both now and for the rest of their lives.”

Often a student falls behind in a subject due to comprehension issues or missed classes and needs some extra help. There are several different ways to find this help. It may be wise to consult parents, teachers or a tutor in order to understand a concept. Also, the internet, books and many other sources can serve as learning aids. Often the simplest resolution is to ask piers who understand the subject. Regardless, there are various resources that students can obtain to keep up with their academics.

Summer provides three free months out of the year. These months can be used to get ahead and consider college opportunities. One way to prepare for college over the summer is to do volunteer work, or pursue a hobby. Again, over commitment and high amounts of stress are not healthy. However, taking summer classes, volunteer work or a sport is recommended.

Although college is a few years away, freshmen have the opportunity to prepare in the present. The decisions made now can affect the future either for better or worse. Wise decisions, a good work ethic and determination can allow freshmen to take a successful first step on the road to college.

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