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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Projects, speaker add authentic Spanish experience

In recent weeks, Spanish II students were presented with the opportunity to re-live their childhood through building a model city and accompanying countryside. Teacher Beatriz Foth believes students will enjoy this break from the normal busy work.

“It’s the middle of the semester and it’s time for the students to have a break,” Foth said. “Building models is a great opportunity for students to have fun, review vocab words and learn to work with other people.”

Many students went home to dig up old toys, steal from siblings’ favorite action figures and gather materials not used in years.

Upon arrival at school, students grouped together in four’s or five’s to strategize the best method of production. Some chose paper, Popsicle sticks, or Legos for a solid foundation of creation.

“I had a train set when I was little,” Brad Kooiman, ’04, said, “so all I had to do was take them out of storage. Mucha gente were also plucked from cajas and I was able to place my fake arboles in el bosque. It was nice to get away from the book work to show our creativity.”

Many students appreciate the opportunity they have to learn Spanish and have fun at the same time. Kristin Dunne, ’04, constructed her Ciudad y Campo [city and countryside] utilizing her childhood experiences with her younger brother.

“When I was a child, playtime was the favorite part of the day,” Dunne said. “I would spend hours with my brother, horse collectibles and barn, setting them up and pretending that I was racing and taking care of the fine plastic steeds.”

According to Foth students will be graded on the quality of construction as well as originality and labeling. Projects were presented to the class on March 28.

“The Spanish II project helped me re-live my childhood, creating my own scene and setting,” Dunne said. “We even had a barn and horses on it! The only difference is that now I know horses are caballos who live in a establo.”

While Spanish II was busy erecting their cities, Spanish III entertained guest speaker Steven Buller on March 21. According to Foth, Buller delighted the class, arriving dressed in authentic “gaucho” attire [Uruguayan horseman].

Buller was born in Colombia, but spent his adolescence in Montevideo, capital of Uruguay. Buller spoke regarding the lifestyle of a gaucho and his experience as a missionaries’ son in Uruguay. Buller’s story was brought to life with examples of gaucho songs, foods and a handicrafts show-and-tell.

“It was great to have a native speaker in class representing his country,” Foth said. “I think students’ minds and world views are enhanced by these opportunities.

For more information on Buller or tips on how to become a foreign missionary, contact Foth in room 603 or at 297-9464, ext. 149.” “Ashley Cook, ?04” “In order to develop group interaction and vocabulary skills, Spanish II teacher Beatriz Foth, right, instructed students to constuct miniature model cities during the last week of March.

Here, Andrew Kaiser, ?05, left, Hillary Kell, ?05, and Jessica Boyko, ?03, add the final touches to their creation on March 28.” “Ashley Cook, ?04” “According to Spanish II teacher Beatriz Foth, her students need a break mid semester to use latent childhood creativity and build Liliputian cities remnicient of Gulliver’s days. Here Brad Kooiman, ?4, left, Kristen Dunn, ?04, Morgan Rigby, ?04, and Danae Cook, ?05, add the last las flores and los animales to their scene on March 28.” “

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