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Apple announces new products: Join the discussion (VIDEO)

[/media-credit] Students give their opinions on new Apple products, to be released Sept. 19.

With the new Apple announcement, students all around campus were talking about the new iPhone 6 and other products soon to be released, Sept. 9.

The iPhone 6, as well as the iPhone 6 Plus, feature “bigger than bigger” screens than the iPhone 5s and a total of 50 hours of audio playback and 11 hours of video watching worth in battery life. Both phones are to be officially released, Sept. 19.

Not only did Apple introduce the newest phones of the season, but also their newest wearable device, the Apple Watch. Two other versions of the original Apple Watch have also been introduced to the public, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition.

Some students express their excitement with the new devices, but others might not be used to the specs and features Apple offers.

The Feather wants to encourage students to submit their opinions in the comment section on how the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch will meet their standards and expectations.

I’m indifferent
Katy Blakenship, ’17
Sept. 11, 2014

?I think nothing about this, honestly. This affects my life in no way, and I could not care less. I?m not going to get a new phone for about five years anyway, so it makes no difference to me.”

High definition
Collin Winegarden, ’15
Sept. 11, 2014

“I think it’s editing and camera are cool to have, the iPhone 6 plus is too big. It seems like it would be really bulky to hold. With the new camera and the high definition screen it’s going to have really good quality. I would prefer the iPhone 6 from the iPhone 5s because it’s faster and new.”

The perfect fit
Morgan Miller, ’16
Sept. 10, 2014

“The iPhone 6 Plus is just too big for me. I have an iPhone 5s right now and I am really interested in getting the iPhone 6 because it can fit in everything I want in a device, it’s perfect for me.”

Watch out for the watch
Marissa Jonigan, ’16
Sept. 10, 2014

“I am looking forward for the {Apple} Watch to come out. It seems like a really good idea and I love the sleek look.”

Thinner than thin
Chris Kollenkark, ’16
Sept. 10, 2014

“I have an old LG Samsung right now, but I would probably get just the plain iPhone 6. It sounds interesting because I heard it’s going to be one of the thinnest phones ever created. I’m excited to see how it turns out.”

Features not worth the buy
Stephen Walters, ’18
Sept. 10, 2014

“They are adding something about tracking your health and fitness progress,” Walters said. “Besides that they only really added aesthetics. This makes it not really worth buying.”

Impressed by sapphire glass
Tyler Villines, ’18
Sept. 10, 2014

“I like how they made the sapphire glass because I?m accident prone when it comes to devices and with this glass it makes me feel secure about dropping my phone. I wasn’t too sure about the bigger screen, but I grew to like it because it’s not thicker, it’s just larger.”

Everyone wants the new thing
Claire Kollenkark, ’16
Sept. 10, 2014

“I think the size is good and it doesn’t scratch so that?s a plus and it’s the new thing and everyone wants new things. The iPhone 6 Plus is way too big for me because I put my phone in my pocket and that would not fit.”

Durability or size
Lauryn Tucker, ’18
Sept. 10, 2014

“I don?t know if I really like it because it’s way too big and I can?t fit it into my pocket. I like the glass because it’s more durable and it doesn’t scratch. I have the iPhone 5s and I prefer the one I have. The only reason I would switch is because of the durability.”

Old fashion
Andrea Donaghe, English teacher
Sept. 10, 2014

“The larger size is way too big for me the perfect size for me is the iPhone 4. I want it to be able to fit in a pocket, that’s what it all comes down to for me. I?m super careful with my things so the sapphire screen wouldn’t really benefit me, but I think it’s a very smart feature for other users. I only really use my phone for text and calls. I can just borrow my husband’s phone when I want to check out the new features.”

Sydney Belmont, Writer also contributed to this article.

For more features, read the Sept. 10 article International students assimilate to campus life .

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