Young tennis team focuses on technique

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With a busy April schedule, the boys’ tennis team will focus on improving their technique and accuracy during spring practices. The more experienced players of the West Sierra League (WSL) pose a challenge for the campus team of only nine boys, consisting of one senior.

David Carte has coached boys’ tennis for two consecutive seasons and is working to develop his young players into a team.

“Having such a young team makes it hard since we have almost no senior leadership,” Carte said. “Other teams have at least three seniors which makes it harder for our underclassmen.”

Eric Neufeld, ’05, has been playing tennis for two years and plans to continue playing for years to come.

“I enjoy playing tennis because it’s a sport you can play until you are an old man,” Neufeld said. “Every time you play you can see an improvement in your game. It’s mental; you have to plan how you play.”

Neufeld was No. 1 at the beginning of the season, based on fitness training and challenge matches. Michael Van Beek, ’03, was placed at the No. 3 spot by default, but later captured the No. 1 spot by the second half of the season and Carte declared in the team’s top player.

“I started practice late because of basketball,” Van Beek said. “I caught up with the rest of the team and reclaimed my number one singles and doubles spots.”

The top three teams of the WSL will have the opportunity to participate in the playoffs in mid May.

“The problem for playoffs is that there are four really good teams and only three will be taken,” Carte said. “The game against Caruthers on Tuesday (April 8) is key; if we win, we’ll be on the road to playoffs.”

With a WSL record of 5-3, the team will play at Caruthers on April 8 and at Riverdale on April 10.

Beth Yanez and Angela Kutnerian