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Alumnus begins move to Berlin, missions opportunity (VIDEO)

Recently the Miller family has felt drawn by God to leave California and pursue a new missionary venture in one of Berlin's 12 districts: Steglitz.
[/media-credit] Recently the Miller family has felt drawn by God to leave California and pursue a new missionary venture in one of Berlin’s 12 districts: Steglitz.

Brian Miller and Family makes transition to German culture

FC alumnus Brian Miller (’89) and his family decided to move to the German capitol of Berlin in order to participate in a missionary movement. Europe is a large mission field with only 1.5 percent of the population professing Christianity.

With over 190 different people groups, extreme poverty and human trafficking are within the walls of Berlin and need people to help restore them. The Millers plan not only to help the people of Berlin, but hope to influence a movement toward God in Europe.

Brian believes that his experiences at FC readied and shaped him for the challenges he would face in his profession. While Brian was at FC, he was part of the basketball team , which Scott Callisch coached. He also played keyboard and piano in worship band and still continues to enjoy music. The class he remembered most was his Western Civilization class with Allan Tong. He also remembers the friends he made and the teachers that influenced him to live his life after Christ.

Brian says that he is grateful for the direction and calling he found at FC. He says the school is partly responsible for the success he has found in misinstry.

“God used my experiences at Fresno Christian to shape me significantly for a life of serving him personally and vocationally,” Brian said. “I am thankful for the teachers and staff who both modeled and taught a love for Jesus. It was part of my preparation for nearly two decades of pastoral ministry and now a move into cross-cultural service.”

After high school, Brian graduated from California State University, Fresno (FSU), and later earned a degree in Biblical religious study and contemporary Christian ministries from Fresno Pacific University.
Later Brian left the Fresno area and moved to Turlock, CA, where he led worship in church for 10 years, while working in student ministries. In 2006, Brian founded a church called The Enclave in Turlock.

Recently the Miller family has felt drawn by God to leave California and pursue a new missionary venture in one of Berlin’s 12 districts: Steglitz. While there, they plan to assist others in the planting of churches, creating after school programs for immigrant children and helping those who have been affected by human trafficking.

They also plan to take part in the Learning Living Laboratory (L3). The L3 project brings youth into Berlin for a year in order to hone their ministry skills and further prepare them for discipleship in Christ. The objective of L3 is to strengthen youth and equip them with the skills necessary to affect their own churches and communities.
The Miller family expects to encounter a large variety of challenges and oppositions within the city of Berlin. Besides the natural opposition of an highly atheist population and the general challenge of establishing a church, the Millers will be subject to financial, cultural and social challenges. Due to being an American citizen, Brian will not be allowed to possess a second occupation without a service Visa. Therefore, the ministry will need to be fully funded in America by sponsors and donations.

Wife of Brian Miller and mother of three Trish Miller believes that moving to Berlin will challenge the family’s ability to reflect Christ’s love.

“Moving cross-culturally to an urban environment will affect our family in many ways,” Trish said. “The world is becoming increasingly urban with over 5.5 million people across the globe moving to cities every month, but most Christians don?t want to live and raise their family in a city. There are very few who follow Christ in urban centers as a percentage, and we want to hold up the light in the dark city of Berlin.”

Despite a large population of English-speaking people, the family will also need to learn German in order to ensure proper communication with everyone involved in their ministries. The Millers will be immersed in a new culture and society that they will need to adjust to and account for. The district of Steglitz is highly urbanized and very populated. This is an immensely different atmosphere than the moderately urbanized and populated city of Turlock.

The move comes with difficulties for the whole family and involves leaving familiar family, friends and locations. One of the most prominent sacrifices that the family will make is leaving The Enclave church and the people they have come to know over the last few years. Also the Miller girls, consisting of 13-year-old Regan, 10-year-old Emma and five-year-old Morgan, will have to leave their respective schools and friends in Turlock to join an international school in Berlin, where they will interact with people of different cultures.

Although the Millers will most certainly endure challenges and sacrifices, there are some things they look forward to. The new urban scenery, compared to nearby San Francisco, CA., will be an interesting change and even an adventure for the family. Brian will have the opportunity to do some recreational mountain biking as well as continue to pursue his love of playing music. Berlin also has places to ride horses, which the three girls enjoy. The general culture of Europe, including street vender’s food, will be a positive addition to the Millers? new European home.

Trish knows that although her children will no longer be shielded from the wickedness of the world, they will have the opportunity to see strong believers act out their faith.

“A challenge will be to live with the sinfulness of a world apart from God up close and visible,” Miller said. “Our daughters won?t be shielded from the darkness of the city in its true, broken, ugly, living color.”

Trish also looks forward to showing her children the power of God among the people of Berlin.

“We will have the privilege of seeing people transfer from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light and living for Jesus,” Trish said. “We can work for a Gospel movement in Berlin. What excites us is that along with the visible sin, salvation is more plausible in the city. Our family will see young, hip, new, urban believers who have been there and done that and find Christ better than all of it.”

However difficult the move, the Millers believe God has prepared them for this venture and is calling them to proclaim his name throughout the continent of Europe. Through family devotionals and prayers, the Millers feel confident in their decision and even excited about the change. The family hopes to leave for Berlin in the beginning of 2014 and be part of a movement that will forever alter the European continent.

For more information on the Miller family and the European Project, see and Reach Global Berlin City Team.

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  • A

    Alena OrthFeb 8, 2013 at 12:03 am

    It was very cool having him tell us his stories about the army. He was a honest man. loved it!!!

  • J

    Jariah HarrisFeb 8, 2013 at 12:03 am

    I really liked the fact that he was telling us his stories and his real life experiences. He was honest and open with us and God really saved his life.