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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Staffers analyze string of attacks from terrorist group, ISIS

[/media-credit] Staffers Kevin Garcha (left) and Rees Roggenstein (right) comment on the string of attacks perpetrated by ISIS and the values of freedom of speech.

Yet another radical terrorist group has grown exponentially in the Muslim world. ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant has risen to prominence in Syria and Baghdad with it’s extreme and radical ideology.

ISIS has been responsible for a number of public executions, religious killings and international attacks. One of their most notable killings has been the executions of three journalists, Mr. James Foley, Mr. Steven Sotloff and Mr. David Haines.

ISIS has shown that they do not value human life, and exhibit violent actions against innocent people. The killing of any journalist is an attack on the value of life and freedom of speech.

But are the extreme radical terrorists the only ones attacking the right to free speech? The truth is that the freedom of speech is already under attack in the ‘free’ world.

There were reporters fired for exposing the U.S. milk contamination at Monsanto, which is a multinational agricultural biotechnological company. It is the leading producer of genetically engineered seed for agriculture. Monsanto uses growth hormones that alter their products genetically.

The reason for all the discrimination towards Monsanto is that they produce GMO’S, otherwise known as genetically modified organisms. Meaning it’s genetic insides have been transformed. This mutation can further the process of the organisms molecules, thus creating cancer.

Monsanto harms anything around it in it’s quest of greed. They have done multiple tests on rats and 70% of the rats have died prematurely when fed GMO’S. Many of the rats died of enormous tumors grown on the rats.

Two reporters Steve Wilson and Jane Akre found out that the multibillion dollar company Monsanto used such types of hormones. The two reporters uncovered the truth to the world of the cancer infected hormone and were immediately fired.

Why were they fired? The two reporters were uncovering a cancer causing genetic mutation, which was for the health of all people. Defending them from a deadly virus which is contained in many food substances.

Covering up the truth was the reason for the reporters being fired. Monsanto is worth billions of dollars, so if an obstacle is created in Monsanto’s way, they throw money at it, and the problem is solved. The attack on freedom of speech does not happen just in foreign countries, but also in home soil.

Before we fix what goes on in the Middle-East, Europe and Russia. We need to fix our own problems here in America.

Follow the Feather via Twitter: @thefeather. These writers can be reached via Twitter: @RRoggenstein and @GarchaKevin8

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