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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Breaking Bad Ending Review NEEDS WORK

Breaking Bad has become one of my favorite shows. It is the story of change, how one man, Walter White, became a vicious drug lord.

Breaking Bad is a T.V. show that surrounds White and his family, they are a group of good people that end up in a terrible situation. White learns that he has terminal lung cancer and decides that the only way to leave his family enough money is to start making methamphetamine.

The last episode shows White returning to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to save Jesse and get revenge on his old partners for disowning him. He ends up sparing their lives in exchange for their help in giving his money to his family. He also frees his long time partner from slavery by killing his captors and, in the process, accidentally killing himself.

This is one of the few shows to end well. Others shows like Lost and Dexter ended terribly, for various reasons, but not this one. The ending was amazing, long time fans of the show will watch it with a tear in their eye because in the end from the beginning of the show to the end he loses more money than he makes for his family.

New fans of the series will want to go back and watch the awesome run of one of the best shows ever. Each and every character from this award winning show has some kind of resolution. They even bring back Jeese’s friends, Badger and Skinny Pete.

The way this episode is written is interesting. Instead of feeling like an ending it feels more like an epilogue. The real ending was two episodes ago this is just a wrap up.

Many people argue about the non-redeming nature of this show, saying it is not appropriate and teaches bad morales but, to me thats the point. Even after everything White has gone through he still ended up with nothing. This show is dark, it is meant to be.

This episode, once again, shows why these actors deserve every award they receive. Bryan Cranston gives the best performance of his life in this episode. The story of White is over and it could not have been more satisfying. Every single scene is interesting and well thought out.

I really enjoyed how the main writer, Vince Gilligan, managed to bring White back to his more science centered roots. In the last few episodes leading up to the finale, the show felt more action filled. However in the finale White went back to his Macgyver esque roots by jury rigging a machine gun to take out his enemies.

The finale of Breaking Bad was well made and beautiful. The last scene in particular brought a tear to my eye as we see a dying White walking through a meth lab reminiscing about what he has done like being the direct cause of the murder of his brother in law.

This was an appropriate ending to an awesome series. Every episode of this season raised the stakes and showed how amazing the writers and actors on this show can be.

The world of Breaking Bad is incredibly realistic. Every moment is well thought out. Every character stays true to the emotions and personalities that were set in season one.

Breaking Bad is a perfect example of how a show should end. Every moment is important and beautiful.

Twitter Handle:@EthanNathe26

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