Diet supplements have their place

Other Staff

Dear editor,

In investigating dietary supplements, I believe they have their place in student lives. Feather staff writer Ashley Cook writes in “”Weight loss pills easy way out”” [April issue] and I disagree with her.

The problem with diet pills arise when users fail to read or ignore the warning attached to those products. Users have a false sense of security when taking over the counter product that clearly comes without restricted F.D.A safeguards. They are safe to use if the user follows the directions.

These products usually have a warning which states “”consult your doctor”” or “”if you have high blood pressure”” asthma or a heart conditions etc. The suggested dosages of these supplements are an important factor to consider. A greater dosage taken later in the day will increase and enhance the metabolic rate of the user for an extended period of time causing surges of energy when the body should be winding down.

That being said, the most effective method of weight loss though is to eat until the sensation of hunger is suppressed.

Furthermore, a routine of moderate exercise such as walking 30 minutes three times a day will increase metabolism. Burning fat will regulate weight loss and increase physical conditioning allowing a greater sense of energy and wellness.

Eating to live and exercise is a lifestyle that pays off in a long and prosperous future.