Cinco de Mayo defined

Other Staff

Today, more than 30% of Californians are of Hispanic descent and in the Fresno County, more than 44. As May 5 approaches, the public awaits a day of festivities and entertainment. The history behind May 5 is ignored or wrongly assumed as the Mexican Independence Day. (

In truth, Mexico gained its independence from Spain on September 15, 1810. The festivities rejoicing the independence of Mexico take place on September 15-16 because of the midnight defeat over Spain.

May 5 is a celebration of the defeat over the French army in the Battle of Puebla, in 1862. Despite the courageous battle and defeat, the Mexican army lost the war to the French. Maximilian of Habsburg became the emperor of the reformed Mexican Empire, but was overthrown three years later. (

For the sake of making millions of dollars, the United States has commercialized the day.

Ironically, the “Cinco de Mayo” celebration has become one celebrated more by Mexican-Americans than by Mexicans. To most Americans, Cinco de Mayo means chips and salsa, beer, and some type of entertainment.

On campus, we will acknowledge the victory through a Cinco de Mayo lunch organized by the California Scholarship Federation (CSF). May this article clear up any misconceptions of Cinco de Mayo so that at least we know what we are celebrating.